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FLAVORx Gives Back to Society And Wins Biotech Product of the Year

Of all the motivations for launching a business, love and fear may be the most powerful. This is why Kenny Kramm started FLAVORx the new Biotech Product of the Year. This is also what inspires him to tirelessly give back to society.

(PRWEB) October 19, 2005 -- Kenny Kramm is CEO and President of FLAVORx, winner of the Tech Council of Maryland’s 2005 BIO Product of the Year, for the conception, development and production of FLAVORx proprietary system and formulations. By manipulating medications, natural and artificial flavors, bitterness suppressors and sweetening enhancers, the FLAVORx Formularies change the acrid or foul-tasting chemical compounds being formulated as medications, into palatable pleasant-tasting liquids. The results for patients are significantly higher rates of medicinal compliance, shorter recuperative times and improved clinical outcomes. There are more than 31,000 participating pharmacies in the U.S. (including Walgreens, Wal Mart, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Kmart, Albertsons, and Safeway to name a few). FLAVORx can also be found in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Kenny started the company out of love for his youngest daughter Hadley who was born with a seizure disorder and cerebral palsy. The medicine that was so crucial to her existence was intolerable to her which made it impossible for her to take. His family was in the hospital repeatedly because Hadley was not getting the medication she so desperately needed and would start having seizures. Kenny and his father owned a pharmacy and knew that flavoring medicine had been done for hundreds of years just never in any sort of systematic way. So they took Hadley's Phenobarbital and some concentrated candy flavorings and started to work with them to see if they could make the medicine palatable enough for her to swallow. They tried different concentrated flavorings, finally after several weeks they found that Hadley preferred banana flavor and although she didn’t love taking her medication she took it without complaint. This was the start of FLAVORx.

From that begining Kenny Kramm’s company met the challenge of bio-technically creating innovative solutions to medicinal flavorings. It is a testimony to Kramm’s skills, scientific savvy, and carefully crafted testing protocols, that with over 50 million prescriptions having thus far been flavored, there has not been a single reported case of a medication not working, an adverse reaction or an allergic response; all human and veterinary flavors are FDA approved.

Kramm’s altruistic nature resulted in the development of the FLAVORx Research Institute, the R & D arm of the company, which works closely with pharmaceutical companies and numerous governmental agencies. While his latent entrepreneurial skills surfaced and became responsible for the founding and successes of the corporation, his experiences with his disabled daughter continue to motivate him to share his FLAVORx solution, pro bono, with others. His recent charitable successes include:

1. Turning ARV-HIV AIDS medication into a liquid form that is readily accepted by young children in stricken communities in Africa, Thailand and the Dominican Republic. Flavors, research and shipping are all done pro bono due to these extremely rural and indigent areas and populations.

2. FLAVORx-ing the water for a large U.S. Army division stationed in an area of Iraq where the water is potable, but has a particularly putrid taste. The troops, required to drink a minimum of one quart/hour to prevent dehydration in the 120° heat, were finding it almost impossible to do so because the water tasted so bad. Kramm produced a flavoring to mask the foul taste intrinsic to the water, allowing the soldiers to willingly drink it. Sending over thousands of bottles of flavoring with no charge, Kramm feels it is his civic duty.

3. Donating FLAVORx sets and flavors to the Katrina Relief Effort to help children who were sick, scared and alone. FLAVORx Systems and flavors were delivered to Ft. Gruber where many of the Katrina victims were brought.

Kenny Kramm recognizes that not all FLAVORx patients will completely improve, but he knows, from personal experience, that with good-tasting medications, an acute or chronically ill patient or pet can have the rocky road made a little smoother; the world a little kinder; and the ability to smile and laugh a bit easier.

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