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N2Revolution(TM) Enters Into Agreement with Crown Auto Dealerships to Provide PurigeN98

Deal Follows National Launch of Leading-Edge Nitrogen Tire Inflation System that Offers Durability, Environmental Benefits and Fuel Efficiency

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) November 9, 2005 -- N2Revolution, Inc., which develops and manufactures environmentally friendly automotive solutions, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Crown Auto Dealerships, Inc. to provide its nitrogen inflation system, PurigeN98(TM).

In the single largest transaction since the product was introduced September 14, 2005, N2Revolution will provide PurigeN98(TM) to Crown, which operates 19 automotive dealerships in the state of Florida and around the United States. The first three units of Nitroflators, which dispense PurigeN98, were shipped within 48 hours of the product launch.
In the agreement, Crown will offer PurigeN98, which has fuel-saving, safety and environmental benefits, as a standard feature in new cars at its dealerships.

?We are very excited to have entered into this agreement with Crown Automotive. Partnering with such a prominent leader in this space is an important development in our mission to deliver the many benefits of PurigeN98 to drivers everywhere,? said Robin Pearl, president of N2Revolution.

PurigeN98(TM) is a tire inflation gas (minimum 98% pure nitrogen) that improves overall vehicle performance and safety because it maintains proper inflation pressure more effectively. Perhaps the most resonant feature of PurigeN98(TM) is that it maximizes fuel efficiency, dramatically reduces tire wear up to 20%, and improves vehicle handling. PurigeN98(TM) is the highest guaranteed purity level of nitrogen on the market. Industry studies have found that the purer the gas, meaning the less oxygen it contains, the more effectively it will perform.

The RMA reports that under-inflated tires is a leading cause of vehicle accidents, and since PurigeN98(TM) enables tires to run at full inflation levels longer, it reduces the probability that a driver will be involved in an accident caused by under-inflated tires between regularly scheduled maintenance. Additionally, PurigeN98(TM) is environmentally friendly because properly inflated tires use less fuel and last longer, thereby reducing the environmental impact of emissions and tire disposal.

?At Crown, we are committed to delivering a superior product to our customers, and partnering with N2Revolution to deliver PurigeN98(TM) to those who purchase our cars is a compelling value proposition that we are pleased to offer,? said Jim Myers, COO of Crown Auto Dealerships. ?It is our way of saying that we take vehicle maintenance seriously. By providing PurigeN98(TM), we are putting that commitment to quality into action.?

About Crown

Crown Auto Dealerships, Inc., founded in 1969, is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Crown dealerships located in Pinellas County, Florida, are Crown Acura, Crown Audi, Crown Honda, Crown Eurocars: Mercedes-Benz and Maybach; Crown Jaguar, Crown Nissan, Crown Mitsubishi, Crown Kia, Crown Hyundai, Crown GMC, Crown Pontiac, and Crown Suzuki. Other Crown Auto Dealerships, Inc. locations include Crown Ford in Wauchula, Florida, as well as dealerships in Tallahassee and Ohio.

About N2Revolution

N2Revolution, Inc, based in Sunrise, Florida, develops and manufactures leading-edge automotive solutions. Its flagship product is PurigeN98(TM). Led by a team of distinguished veterans from the automotive, environmental, engineering and scientific realms, the company is committed to developing the highest-quality, affordable and environmentally friendly innovations that enhance the quality of life of today's sophisticated consumer.

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