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Broadband-in-Gas Will Deliver all Communication Services to 18 Million Homes by 2010

Broadband-in-Gas is a new wireless high bandwidth communications technology which enables “last mile” connection through the installed base of natural gas pipelines to homes and businesses all over the country. The BiG solution will account for nearly 25 % of UWB chip sales by 2010, supplying at least 18 million homes in the US alone. Twice the bandwidth will be provided at the same installed cost as DSL.

(PRWEB) November 7, 2005 -- A major solution to the famous “last mile” connection will come through Broadband-in-gas (BiG). This new wireless ultra high bandwidth technology delivers television, phone and internet communications through the existing installed base of natural gas pipeline networks (whether metallic and/or non-metallic gas lines).

In the United States natural gas services over 70 % of the residences and well over 35 % of businesses. These buried pipe networks exhibit very low noise floors, and are generally devoid of outside signal interference. This low noise within the gas line network combined with its inherent isolation from the rest of the open air wireless spectrum is a significant advantage allowing BiG to maximize communication bandwidth without the cost burdens. By retasking radar technologies to make use of the isolation and low noise floor tremendous amounts of data can be transmitted through a gas line network traversing the physical complexities of the gas line.

According to Dr Kirsten West, principal analyst of West Technology Research Solutions: “BiG is a compelling application of Ultrawideband technology that will see wide adoption during the next five years. The simplicity of the physics behind the technology, combined with the use of an existing infrastructure yields a truly cost competitive option in a market filled with expensive and overly complex “last mile” delivery alternative . BiG provides a new additional revenue opportunity for natural gas delivery companies, broadband service providers, and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) manufacturers.”

“Broadband-in-Gas Market Trends, 2005-2010” is a thorough analysis of Broadband-in-Gas technology and its impact on the broadband marketplace in general. The report tracks the formation of the BiG industry, analyzes the potential market opportunities for both service providers, CPE manufacturers, and RF component OEMs, describes initial versus long-range drivers in the market, and analyzes potential business models that are likely to be successful in the development of the BiG value chain. This report also reviews the overall state of Broadband technologies such as DSL, Cable Modem, FTTH, BPL, and WiMAX, and analyzes the contribution of individual technologies to future broadband market development. The Market Report analyzes both the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and Broadband Subscriber segments, and includes a detailed analysis of the technology drivers, standards and protocols, economic indicators, and a general overview of the broadband market; includes companion industry directory.

About West Technology Research Solutions

West Technology Research Solutions, LLC (d.b.a. WTRS), is a market research and consulting company focused solely on emerging wireless technologies and supporting issues. WTRS’s unique approach generates market forecasts using macro-economic methodologies that provide historically more accurate forecasts. Services include market research reports, concise market briefs, targeted monthly newsletters, and custom research and consulting.

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