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Dry Dipstick Launches "Beyond Peak", a web guide to Peak Oil, launches, a guide to self-sufficiency and preparing for, and dealing with, Peak Oil and economic collapse.

Napa Valley, California (PRWEB) November 5, 2005 --, a popular Peak Oil metadirectory of information on the impending decrease in oil production, today launches a sister website "Beyond Peak," located at

The new website focuses on preparation for, and dealing with, the effects of Peak Oil, economic collapse, and a host of other looming disruptions, any one of which could cause serious problems in our society.

Mick Winter, founder of both Dry Dipstick and Beyond Peak, says: "Many visitors to Dry Dipstick have told us, 'Okay, we get Peak Oil. Now what can we do about it?'"

We've created "Beyond Peak" to give hundreds of answers to that single question. The website provides access to the information, resources and tools that people need to move their families, neighborhoods and communities closer to sustainable, self-sufficient living."

While few of us can have real effects on national and state policies, all of us can affect what happens at home and in our communities, so Beyond Peak provides information for use at the home and local level.

Everyday citizens can do many things, on their own and working with friends and neighbors, to provide for essential needs. Beyond Peak offers information on such topics as food, health, money, power, shelter, transportation and water, as well as barter, drugs, relocation and the recurring collapse of societies.

No single website or method is a cure-all, but armed with the information offered by Beyond Peak, individuals can know that they are doing everything they can to prepare for, and deal with, whatever the future may bring.

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