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Spectral Analysis Software ToolKit Released

Transform/NET Spectral Analysis software gives developers an edge in advanced numerical applications.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA (PRWEB) November 5, 2005 -- Windale Technologies has announced the release of Transform/NET 4.0, a mathematical software component for the .NET Framework, which will enable the rapid development of Windows or ASP.NET Web Spectral Analysis applications. The Transform/NET software suite encapsulates sophisticated algorithms in an easy to use software package which includes extensive sample applications with full source code in Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# and VC++ .NET.

Transform/NET is designed specifically to be extremely fast and efficient: the algorithms used in the component have been extensively benchmarked and chosen to ensure the highest speed and reliability.

The component includes Fast Fourier Transforms (Real and Complex, Forward and Inverse), Window functions: Kaiser, Blackman, Hamming, Hanning, Bartlett, Welch, Parzen, Gain, Phase and Magnitude functions to enable fast viewing of FFT outputs.

"In many data intensive applications, there is often a need to obtain the frequency response or spectral characteristics of data. Implementing a Fast Fourier Transform algorithm to give high computational speed can be very difficult and time consuming. Transform/NET solves this problem by packaging all the normally required methods in one easy to use and highly efficient software component" said Dr. Andrew Back, CEO of Windale Technologies. "Transform/NET enables software developers to focus on quickly solving their application maths problems."

By partnering with Windale Technologies, application developers will have a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace. Transform/NET is one of a number of software products on offer from Windale Technologies which provide application developers with the software tools to enable sophisticated mathematical algorithms to be included within almost any Windows application. Transform/NET reduces time-to-market, streamlines costs and increases revenue. Transform/NET is available for immediate purchase online.Transform/NET is priced at $395 per license and $795 for a version with ASP.NET capabilities and a single web server license.

About Windale Technologies:

Windale Technologies provides math, science and engineering software components for companies developing Windows applications. Windale Technologies’ advanced components enable developers to quickly and efficiently produce applications which perform various types of complex data analysis using sophisticated mathematical algorithms. Recognized by many as providing superior mathematical components, Windale Technologies counts numerous major companies among its many clients. The company is based in Brisbane, Australia.

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