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Cities, States and Others Step up Action on Climate, Despite Federal Reluctance

(PRWEB) November 7, 2005 -- In the brand new issue of Climate News & Report, mapped out is Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) national energy policy which unburdens the American people of foreign oil dependency. The plan helps citizens pay their energy bills and cope with dramatically higher energy costs.

In the November 3 issue of Climate News & Report, Elizabeth Autumn outlines how cities, states and organizations are finding ways to meet environmental challenges since federal direction is lacking.

In comments provided by the article, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) maps out a national energy policy which unburdens the American people of foreign oil dependency. On October 25, 2005, Senator Clinton called for a national energy strategy enlisting the oil industry in a process that would help consumers while making the transition to alternative energy technologies. Her plan redirects the hidden "tax" that Americans are already paying to OPEC and the oil companies, but lasts only long enough to "kick-start the alternative energy market that we all know is out there,” she explained. Senator Clinton’s call for action outlines a plan showing the federal government how to make the much overdue transition to alternative energy.

Former President Jimmy Carter in a recent interview suggested the current Administration, adding to some of the most traumatic policies ever visited upon the United States, is about to make the worst mistake in the history of the environment.

As Senator Clinton explained, "Loosening environmental standards or opening up a new oil field or two is not going to offset this seismic shift in energy demand." Her plan unburdens the American people of foreign oil dependence, investing a portion of the profits into the U.S. energy future, instead of regimes we would never choose to subsidize.

By contrast, the Bush Administration wants to turn over decommissioned military bases to oil companies for use as refineries and open up drilling in Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge. President Carter termed the refuge one of “the most wonderful areas on Earth.”

Behind the scenes, where most real policy change occurs, the Bush Administration has allowed more than 400 rollbacks of major environmental mandates. This Administration is severely weakening the protection of our nation’s air, water, public land and wildlife.

This week, Prince Charles laid into President Bush's record on green issues at a White House gala. "So many people...look to the United States for a lead on the most crucial issues that face our planet and indeed the lives of our grandchildren. Truly, the burden of the world rests on your shoulders," the Prince said.

In her article on the Metropolitan Challenge, Autumn explains what cities, states and others are doing to address climate change without federal direction. "It's time to think outside the barrel," said an attendee at the Clinton Global Initiative conference.

The Clinton Global Initiative, which took place in Manhattan on September 14 -16, 2005, served as a catalyst for spurring community-level development while providing a supportive atmosphere from which to facilitate pro-development policies at regional and national levels. Several participants called the gathering a new form of global NGO that brought together many different sectors of interest. There was a sense of bearing witness to the creation of exciting new development in global governance.

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