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Complimentary Energy Market Research Products

Denver, CO – September 29, 2004 - FreeEnergyReports provides energy industry professionals access to hundreds of complimentary premier energy industry research products including reports, maps whitepapers, and articles.

Their premier report is a "Market Survey of the Energy Industry" that includes a section on salary and bonus information for energy professionals. They recently added complimentary maps on the oil and gas impact of the two recent Gulf hurricanes.

About the Company is a service of Energy Business Reports which offers information research products, maps, and training materials relevant to professionals in all areas of the energy global industry. It offers over 600 free and paid products covering all aspects of the energy industry including:
- Demand Response
- Infrastructure security
- Facility management
- Distributed Generation
- Green Power (wind, solar, biomass, wave, etc.)
- Venture Capital
- Oil and Gas
- International issues
- Fuel Cells
- Hydrogen
- Broadband over Powerlines
- Mining
- Transmission and Distribution
- Water and wastewater
- Mineral rights
- Mining
- A full line of maps

"We offer energy professionals leading-edge reports on a variety of subjects. We only partner with high-quality publishers," says Barbara Drazga, Owner of Energy Business Reports. "We partner with dozens of industry publishers, and are adding new partners and products regularly."

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