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e-LYNXX: Diverse Strengths in the Printing and Print Buying Industries

e-LYNXX Corporation has established three divisions. Patented Financial Controls assists buyers of print cut 40% from their print costs by utilizing a patented method. Printing Industries Consulting provides complete management services to organizations who wish to outsource print buying. And, Government Priting Sales signficantly increases printers' profits by targeting government work.

Chambersburg, PA (PRWEB) October 25, 2005 -- The e-LYNXX Corporation a leader in the Graphic Arts Industry since 1975, has aligned the Corporation into three distinct divisions to better reflect its unique offerings and to best serve its growing client base.

Chairman and CEO William A. Gindlesperger, the founder of the firm 30 years ago, announced that e-LYNXX three divisions are Patented Financial Controls, Printing Industries Consulting, and Government Printing Sales.

"Beginning as American Business Consultants in 1975, and later as ABC Advisors, this firm has completed thousands of consulting engagements resulting in enhanced profitability and healthier bottom lines for business firms throughout the United States," Gindlesperger noted. "The establishment of three divisions under the e-LYNXX umbrella permits us to continue in our missions through a more strategic and focused use of our resources and specialists."

The Patented Financial Controls division offers to top level management at corporations, government, and organizations of every size, a patented method based on a proven economic principle that is guaranteed to CUT 40% MORESM on print costs. With expenditures on printing estimated at 3% to as high as 18% of operating revenues within an organization, the significant reduction produced by Patented Financial Controls has an impact on the bottom line that is so positive, it is noticed by the CFO and other C-Level executives.

Many organizations look to outsource non-core functions, including the purchase of printing. The Printing Industries Consulting division of e-LYNXX offers a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) program to handle the details of the print procurement process, thereby relieving management of headaches and unnecessary costs.

The Government Printing Sales division has already assisted printers in obtaining billions of dollars in work. In an industry with small average profit margins, printers understand that to balance production, fill valleys, and continuously feed equipment even in slow times, it is essential to look beyond commercial markets and take advantage of the plentiful work offered through Government Printing Sales in the public sector arena, especially the Government Printing Office (GPO).

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