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American Youth Soccer Organization Chooses APSCREEN

Rancho Santa Margarita, California (PRWEB) October 24, 2005 -- The American Youth Soccer Organization has chosen APSCREEN, the world’s leading full-service Consumer Reporting Agency, to provide searches for national sex offenders to be included into AYSO’s background screening process. The AYSO, an affiliate member of the US Soccer Federation, now joins numerous organizations using this free service including the Girls Scouts of America.

Ellisa Hall, National Administrator for AYSO, “We are grateful for access to APSCREEN’s national sex offender registry. For the last 40 years, the AYSO has provided a safe, fair, fun sport experience for hundreds of thousands of youngsters all across the U.S. We take seriously the charge to protect players, volunteers and family members, and this valuable information provides one more critical layer to our Safe Haven Program.”

There is no registration or fee for the service and anyone who has a computer and access to the Internet and a web browser can use it. Should a person have any reason to suspect that someone in their neighborhood, school district or community might have a sex crime history they can go directly to and enter the name of the subject and have a good chance of locating information about a sex offender's history. Currently the database covers 34 states and 12 local areas for a total of 46 jurisdictions. Most of the time, the sex crime records contain enough personal information to verify the identity of a suspect, or provide a lead to pursue further research.

Tom Lawson, CFE, CII & Founder of APSCREEN, comments, "We practically invented background checks over 25 years ago when few companies understood the need to screen prospective applicants. Now we want to give this free service back to the community because we feel so strongly about the protection and safety of our children. We mean it to be used in conjunction with other tools including other sites such as the FBI’s national sex offender registry and the Megan’s Law website provided by the California Attorney General’s office.”

APSCREEN, founded in 1980 is the originator of the modern-day factual employment-screening concept. Other services include tenant screening, employee locates, asset discovery, permissible credit reporting, motor vehicle records, and fraud examination. Tom Lawson is a certified fraud examiner, certified international investigator, expert witness and holds key positions in several national trade associations.

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