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Oklahoma is Center for Energy Excellence

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) October 23, 2005 -- “Oklahoma is America’s center for energy excellence”, Mark A. Stansberry, president of The International Society of The Energy Advocates stated at the 2005 Bricktown Capital Conference, Oklahoma Venture Forum held at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. Stansberry is the president of The Energy Advocates, a national energy education organization and Chairman of The GTD Group. He was one of a select group of speakers at the conference. The topic of his presentation was “Alternative Power: Energy Dreams and Economic Realities” in which he discussed the realities within various forms of energy resources and the true potential of each.

“Oklahoma is the leader in natural gas exploration with companies like Devon and Chesapeake taking the lead as well as leading in the areas of research and development, and technology advancement,” Stansberry stated.

“Oklahoma is also a leader in the areas of wind energy, biomass, coal bed methane projects, and in many other areas of technological research. The energy industry is alive and well in Oklahoma. We will be the center of energy activity well beyond the 21st century.”

“We are well positioned to be not only America’s leader but the global leader in energy research and technological advancement. The energy industry needs the support of all Oklahomans in this effort to make America less dependent upon foreign oil.”

“The Energy Advocates believe that ‘America Needs America’s Energy’. There is no question that America remains vulnerable as long as we allow imports of foreign oil to continue to increase. America needs to advance new, environmentally friendly technologies, to increase supplies and encourage cleaner, more efficient energy use.”

“America also has a need to update its outdated network of power plants, transmission lines, pipelines and refineries. Oil pipelines and refining capacity are in need of repair and expansion. To accomplish what is needed includes manpower, research and development, technology advancements, and expansion of refining for example. Now is the time for Oklahoma to become the ‘Capitol for Energy Excellence of the World’.”

About The Energy Advocates: Since 1974, The Energy Advocates, a national organization, has provided energy education nationally. The Energy Advocates strongly support all forms of energy. Its’primary mission is to inform the general public about our vital energy industry and energy policy issues.

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