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Inpro/Seal Company Appoints Jim Lapaczonek and Sharon Barker and Reports Record Sales

(PRWEB) October 20, 2005 -- Inpro/Seal Company, the Rock Island, IL, based manufacturer of bearing isolators, has appointed Jim Lapaczonek Sales Manager. The announcement was made by David C. Orlowski, President/CEO of Inpro/Seal Company.

In his new position, Lapaczonek will have direct responsibility for Global Inpro/Seal sales activities as well as interact with manufacturing, R&D and engineering operations. A very important part of his duties will be to build relationships and promote the effectiveness of bearing isolators in rotating equipment to engineering, operations, maintenance and other professionals engaged MRO activities (maintenance, repair, operations) at process plants. He will report directly to Orlowski.

Lapaczonek has been with Inpro/Seal Company since 1995 where he has held positions in administration, purchasing, customer relations and sales. Most recently he served as Inside Sales Manager.

Prior to joining Inpro/Seal, he spent 10 years as a entrepreneur where he operated a successful business, which he sold prior to joining Inpro/Seal. He has taken advanced courses in finance, accounting and business management.

His background, combined with his knowledge of sealing and process know-how further serves as an excellent foundation for his task of strengthening Inpro’s worldwide position.

Sharon Barker has been promoted to the position of Inside Sales Manager, the position previously held by Lapaczonek. In her position, Barker will have direct responsibility over inside sales and will report to Lapaczonek. She will also interact with manufacturing, R&D and engineering operations.

Prior to her promotion, Barker had spent the last 15 years at Inpro/Seal in inside sales. Her background in inside sales will further serve a foundation to strengthen Inpro’s worldwide position.

According to Orlowski, “These promotions are very important to Inpro/Seal for a number of reasons. First is the fact that we are able to promote within. Jim and Sharon know our company, our products, our customers and the way our products are used. This is crucial to our success as our ongoing marketing objective is to educate and inform end users about the benefits of bearing protection and show them that cheap contact seals are not their only option”.

Orlowski concluded, “This kind of effort requires knowledgeable, dedicated people. To show you how important this is, during the month of August, sales, deliveries and inquiries were the best in our 28 year history. I attribute much of this to our platform to educate and inform the end user. It has been tried and proven that once end users find out that bearing isolators provide levels of protection previously unavailable, they quickly convert”.

About Inpro/Seal
Inpro/Seal Company is the originator and the world’s number one manufacturer of bearing isolators, used to protect motor and pump bearings, machine tool spindles, turbines, fans, gear boxes, paper machine rolls and many other types of rotating equipment. Additional applications include the sealing, handling, processing, packing and storage of dry particulates, powders and bulk solids.

Over one and one half million of Inpro/Seal’s original bearing isolator products are in operation in process plants worldwide, where end users continue to report significantly reduced operating costs with increased productivity and reliability. Protected bearings have proven to run 150,000 hours (17 years) or more, eliminating the need for costly maintenance and repair. Documented cases show that a plant can more than double the mean-time-between failure (MTBF) and reduce maintenance costs by at least half, with users reporting an extremely high ROI.

As the recognized global leader in bearing isolator technology, Inpro products are marketed to the aerospace, automotive, petroleum, refining, nuclear, power generation, metalworking, food processing, grain processing, chemical, water, wastewater treatment, metalworking, hydrocarbon processing, HVAC, pulp and paper, mining, mineral, ore processing and general industrial markets.

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