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New Energy Analysis Software for Business and Industry

Jaker Engineering, PC, New York, announces the development of Jaker Joules, energy analysis software for business and industry. This product, based on Microsoft® and third-party programs, allows each user to evaluate their existing utility tariff against available tariff options and energy rates.

Jaker Joules (pronounced jaker jewels) provides a graphic desktop to view tariffs in a format like an actual utility bill. The desktop features graphical sliders, drop-down lists and dials to simplify data input and viewing of results. Customers receive a program version with utility tariffs and energy options for their region.

Initially, the product is focused for developing alternative energy purchase plans. Users can compare existing utility and retail options in a side-by-side format, with the client's actual data. Additional features include forecasting annual operating costs of proposed projects by simply adding new equipment sizes and ratings.

Developments include the ability to analyze expected financial return for onsite energy projects. Response to changes is immediate. Thus, performing sensitivity analyses for future energy or equipment prices is as simple as moving a graphic control knob or slider and viewing the results on a dial or digital readout.

A forthcoming version shall include the ability to interconnect and analyze live data streams. The client can then assess and respond to facility energy usage in real time. Features will also provide the option to review energy data in order to identify maintenance concerns or evaluate operations and production issues.

Jaker Engineering, PC has developed Jaker Joules to simplify advanced energy planning for business and industry. Product release is set for November 1, 2005.

About Jaker Engineering, PC:
Jaker Engineering, PC, a New York State Professional Corporation, is focused primarily in the energy sector to design, develop and service privatized energy projects. Jaker maintains a professional emphasis with electrical, mechanical and control systems for power generation, utilities and industry.

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