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CT Global Hedge Fund Up 55.6 % - Ranked # 1 on Worldwide Debut

Thursday October 20, 8:00 AM / 6 Months On: MODAR Stuns Wall St Continues - Now MODAR's Hedge Fund Alert Service seeks to Emulate MODAR's stunning record.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) October 20, 2005 -- Christian Traders, the internet's fastest growing faith-based online investment community, has again surprised Wall Street and the investment community with the outstanding performance of their recently launched CT Global Hedge Fund System. Over the past 6 months its MODAR™ Educational Trading Alert Service has racked up stunning gains. Now, the introduction of the Educational CT Global Hedge Fund Advisory Service with all transactions professionally tracked and independently verified since inception on September 20, 2005, has deftly succeeded against the best of the best Traders, Investors and Money Managers from around the World in racking up a 55% gain for the past week earning an exceptionally high Sharp Ratio Rating of 3,356 indicating low risk action.

CT GLOBAL HEDGE FUND's vital statistics: $100,000 opening balance cumulative gains of $55,616 were recorded. Equity $155,616 Percentage winners 60%. Total trades 40. Profitable Trades 24. Losses 16.

Average Win $2,965 Average Loss $972. Win-Loss Ratio: 4.6 : 1 . Average trade length 7.6 days. Excellence Rating 834.

While this is a promising start, obviously risk of total loss always exists and there can be no guarantees of continued or future results.

ATSI Communications Inc

Introducing ATSI Communications Inc ATSX, (OTC BB:ATSX.OB - News). Record revenue increases over five straight quarters and extraordinary gains of $12.1 Million disposal of investments makes ATSI Communications ATSX, compellingly interesting.

600% traffic growth to over 40 Million VoIP minutes quarterly, continues to produce record revenues, recently up 379 Percent. With ATSX set to eclipse $1 Million in revenuues in September it continues to demonstrate consistency in growing core VoIP business over the past 14 months and projects continuing growth ahead.

ATSI serves rapidly expanding markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, with an emphasis on Mexico.

Azco Mining Inc

AZMN soars 700% off its 2005 low

Azco Mining Inc AZMN, owns a 90 Square Mile area comprising 57,392 acres that contains a 2 Million ounce proven Gold resource, delineated by some 386,000 feet of drilling defined by 1,500 drill holes, originally costing upwards of $40 Million.

Of the 2 Million ounces said to be contained in the legendary Ortiz Gold fields, first discovered in 1535, 1.03 Million ounces lies in two open pit deposits known as the Carache and Lucas Canyons, in a previous study, at a cost of $222 per ounce, production was projected to average 83,500 ounces of gold and 103,444 ounces of silver annually over a nine-year period. The study considered the project to have excellent upside potential to increase both the minable ore reserves and grades.

Azco Mining Inc CEO Dr. W Pierce Carson has stated that in addition to the potential for open pit mining, the overall geology offers superb potential for additional discovery of other major gold deposits as well as underground mining of high-grade Gold intersections.

Azco Mining Inc also owns the Black Canyon mica project. Black Canyon is a new mine development already permitted and largely completed. The mine is planned to produce mica for the growing cosmetic, plastics and pigment industries, and a felthspathic sand bi-product for the expanding Phoenix construction market. At full production, the project's economics are anticipated to be very attractive. The company controls a very large mica resource at Black Canyon sufficient to support mining operations for many years.

Dr. W. Pierce Carson, Azco's CEO also recently commented: The acquisition of the Ortiz Gold property represents the first realization of Azco's new strategic agenda. In addition, he reported the company has been successful in identifying other attractive precious metals properties containing drilled resources and has begun active negotiations on two of those properties, he also added:

"Out of the one million ounce deposit alone, we can expect over $100 million as a bottom line profit number."

Industry titans Morningstar and continue to generate an unusually large number of alerts and very positive technical analysis based on 13 key technical indicators, recently reflecting opinions of 100% BUY ratings for shares of AZMN. A copy of this analysis is available at

Odyssey Petroleum Corporation

Reiterating Odyssey Petroleum Corp ODE.V on the Canadian Venture Exchange recently announced TSX VENTURE:ODE - News it acquired 100% working interest in the Pelahatchie Field, in Rankin County, Mississippi offering a unique opportunity to develop proven, oil and gas reserves that have produced at rates exceeding 2000 barrels of oil per day and two million cubic feet of gas per day, according Shell Oil Company records.

In a publication dated September 1, 1968 filed with the Department of Energy (report Conf-681095), entitled "Pelahatchie Field — Mississippi Giant", Mr. H. E. Karges, Certified Petroleum Geologist, stated Pelahatchie could prove to one of Mississippi's largest oil fields.

In 2000, Field studies by Mr. Michael Tierney Certified Petroleum Engineer, indicated that an estimated 100,000,000 barrels (equivalent) could be produced using primary production methods. Secondary and tertiary methods employed later, could probably double recoverable reserves. At US$0.35 cents per share, this is akin to buying into 100 Million Barrels at equivalent of 35 cents per barrel.

Odyssey Petroleum is expanding its natural gas and oil reserves in North America, primarily in the highly prolific Louisiana and the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin.

Christian Financial Radio Network

CFRN - Attracts a worldwide audience of loyal listeners of all backgrounds from individual investors to fund managers, drawn by the dynamic blend of popular contemporary Christian music, live market updates, corporate interviews and a strong conservative perspective. CFRN has forged a strategic relationship with The Hunger Site, its goal to eradicate world hunger.

Continuing Investigation: The CT research team continues to observe CMKM Diamonds Inc and has noticed unusual activity this past week at CMKX(OTC: CMKX).

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