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WellDog Expands Service Offering Outside of Powder River Basin

New generation spectrometer allows market expansion into additional coalbed natural gas basins.

Laramie, WY(PRWEB) October 17, 2005 -- WellDog, a Laramie, Wyoming-based energy technology company, announced that their Critical Gas Content™ service is now available for coalbed natural gas wells outside of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. This marketplace extension is made possible by the commercialization of their three-inch diameter spectrometer.

The WellDog instrument represents the newest generation of sophisticated Raman spectrometers developed in-house that provide detailed data from wellbore fluids and allows WellDog to calculate key coalbed reservoir parameters, including gas content, gas saturation and critical desorption pressure. Completion of the small diameter instrument allows WellDog to extend their service to basins with wells that are deeper and of smaller diameter than those typically found in the Powder River Basin. WellDog has been providing commercial service since mid-2004 and has performed coal seam reservoir analysis in over 120 wells.

Using the new instrument, WellDog has recently performed coal seam services in the Raton and Greater Green River basins, and will debut later this month in Canada’s Central Plains. Other basins immediately targeted for their service include Wind River, Piceance, Uinta and San Juan.

“The release of the small diameter instrument vastly extends our marketplace,” said Wayne Greenberg, CEO of WellDog. "With our five-inch detector, we have proven we can ruggedize very sophisticated instruments for harsh reservoir environments. Our new generation, three-inch instrument allows us to go into even more demanding conditions. Our customers have been asking us to deliver our service in smaller and deeper wells, and this instrument allows us to do just that."

About WellDog, Inc.:
Founded in 1999, WellDog, Inc. develops chemical sensing technologies for natural gas exploration and production. WellDog® services give coalbed natural gas developers the information they need to produce more gas, more quickly, with less environmental impact. These services support coalbed natural gas, an industry that has been identified as the fastest growing sector of natural gas production in the U.S.

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