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Gas Credit Cards and How To Save Money and Spend Less On Gas

(PRWEB) October 14, 2005 -- Gas Credit Cards - Some tips on how to save money on gas and get more for your money just by every day living habits and with gas reward credit cards.

1) Car pool to work and school. Split the cost of gas with friends and family members. Just imagine if everyone in the county did this, we might drive the Gas prices down! In Our Opinion!

2) Drive a hybrid - Today, there are hybrid gas cars that get up to 50 miles per gallon and more. If you drive a lot, why not purchase a hybrid car to save money on gas.

3) Car maintenance - Make sure you keep the recommended air in your tires. This can help with gas mileage. Also tune up your vehicle so it runs to top efficiency.

4) Make one trip - Do all your errands on one trip. Running back and forth to the store is a waste of gas.

5) Don't just drive around town sightseeing aimlessly as many do to just relax, listen to music, etc. Take a joy ride to a friend's house and listen to music there!

6) Take the highway - as most cars get better gas mileage on the highway vs the city. (Excluding some hybrid models actually get better locally)

7) Don't floor the gas pedal! Be easy on the car and it will use less gas!

8) If you have to drive around for a joy ride, compare gas prices as you do and see who offers the lowest gas prices in your area. It can make a difference!

9) Ride your bicycle to work if it’s not too far. It will keep you in better shape as well. Don't want to pedal too far? Purchase an electric bicycle or electric bike kit like the one on the website It can travel up to 20 miles on a charge!

10) Apply for a gas credit card that pays out rewards in gas miles. Gas credit cards save you money!

11) Less AC - Try to use less air conditioning during the summer if you can bare it. It will only guzzle that gas right up!

11) Compare gas credit card offers at: compares all the most recent credit card offers, including a gas credit card that offers gas credit card rewards, miles, etc. This can save you additional costs. (See the gas credit card section)

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