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HTC Hydrogen Technologies Corp. Operations in the US

Washington DC (PRWEB) October 13, 2005 -- Canadian-based HTC Purenergy (HTC: TSX-V) announced today the launch of the HTC Purenergy commercial marketing operations in the United States.

HTC has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with the Vista Energy Group Inc (“Vista Energy”). Vista Energy, under the direction of Dr. John N. O’Brien, President and CEO, are long-time advisors, facilitators, and analysts to the US energy markets. Vista Energy will implement a US commercialization strategy deploying HTC’s “Carbon Clear Solutions”.

The HTC Purenergy “Carbon Clear Solutions” products provide CO2 capture, CO2 storage, and hydrogen production technologies. The US commercialization launch will deliver solutions and deployment of HTC’s carbon capture products; which capture CO2 directly from existing flue gases, and sequestration advisory, optimizing the reduction of CO2 emissions. This product offer will be presented initially to power utilities, independent power companies and large industrial CO2 emitters desiring carbon management solutions.

HTC is providing advisory and consultancy on the development of customized CO2 Capture Solutions and access to HTC’s suite of advanced technologies. HTC’s industry leading technologies have been aggregated and developed in conjunction with its sponsorship of the world renowned International Test Centre (“ITC”) for CO2 Capture at the University of Regina. The ITC is recognized as the most advanced test centre in the world with over 10 years of modeling and testing at the Boundary Dam Lignite Coal Power Plant in Canada. HTC operates globally and holds strong relationships with industry advocates, governments, power utilities and oil and gas companies. HTC can provide US organizations with access to global expertise and leading technologies that can be customized to meet the specific needs of their carbon mitigation programs.

Dr. O’Brien of Vista Energy, Lionel Kambeitz, Chairman and CEO of HTC and John Hanson - head of HTC’s International Commercialization, from HTC’s Asia-Pacific Office in Sydney Australia, will be part of the Washington Clean Energy Roundtable in Washington DC on October 12-14. Dr. O’Brien will Chair a session on “Innovation in Action: Leadership from Investors and Industry”. This session is of particular importance since Vista Energy believes that HTC’s Purenergy products directly address some of the concerns of investor groups like CERES, industry and other concerned about potential financial liabilities stemming from carbon emissions.

Dr. O’Brien, Mr. Kambeitz and Mr. Hanson will be available to the press for interviews concerning HTC Purenergy products and prospects for carbon capture and sequestration.

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