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(PRWEB) October 12, 2005 -- Alex Hunter, 'The Master Driver', 'Traffic Guru' and author of 'The Complete Science of Driving; A Guaranteed Increase of Safety, Power, Confidence, Freedom and Control!', reveals yet another valuable Special Report that saves gas, time and money, all while eliminating stress, frustration and traffic congestion.

For nine years now, it's been Hunter's mission in life to eliminate mass traffic congestion, accidents and fatalities, which includes 'saving gas and getting more miles per gallon'.

In his own words, he declares that, "We as individuals can save 20-55% of the gas that we consume on a daily basis... and even more in the long run as we consciously and systematically eliminate traffic congestion with these tips. And as we unite our efforts, we can also dramatically impact how much we pay for a gallon of gas."

Here is what Hunter has to say about saving gas and his most recent free Special Report titled, "247 Free Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Help You Save Gas and Get More Miles Per Gallon 24/7!"...

"These '247 Free Gas Saving Tips' contain techniques for both saving at the pump and while driving. Some are well known but most are quite new and unusual. There are also several everyday 'gas saving myths' revealed for the first time, as well as, others that are highly controversial. But all will prove to play a significant role in saving gas, time and money."

Hunter also mentions, "Getting these tips, tricks and techniques, and telling others where they can get them too, is about a lot more than just 'saving gas and getting more miles per gallon'. It's about eliminating traffic congestion, preventing accidents and saving lives. It's about building and being part of a movement that directly influences the price of gas. And it's about coming together for the safety and evolution of all mankind.

It's important for even drivers who aren't financially affected by high gas prices or who already maximize their fuel consumption to get the '247 Free Gas Saving Tips' and to spread the word too. It's not just about using the tips to save gas; it's about something much bigger.

Getting and utilizing the '247 Free Gas Saving Tips' is only Step 1 of a 5 Step plan to drive gas prices down. Steps 2-5 are where the real power and leverage lies. Everyone who is registered at will receive an invitation to these additional steps once we've built adequate momentum. The effectiveness of these remaining steps is in the numbers and in taking combined action. That's why I ask people to 'Pay it Forward' and tell others where they can get the 247 free tips too."

Hunter has also authored other Special Reports and Tip Sheets on many driving related topics such as: Cutting Commute Times, Road Rage, Snow Driving, Advanced Reading Traffic Skills, Cell Phones and Driving, Fear of Driving and Cruise Control to name a few.

In his limited time, Hunter is still taking requests for 'Eliminate Your Fear of Driving Forever' and 'Advanced Driving Skills that Will Increase Your Employees' Happiness, Creativity and Productivity'. And is now offering his coaching services to large companies and corporations for 'How to Easily and Effortlessly Save Millions in Gas Every Year'.

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