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E-Control Systems, Inc. Presents Networked Power Meters, Wireless Meshed Network Sensors

-Control Systems to present networked power meters, wireless meshed network sensors, handheld devices(PDA) for data logging of HACCP Control Points and automated inventory management, Networked Event Driven Cameras and DVR will all be on display and integrated into Raptor Web Software™ (RWS™) at the NAFEM show in Anaheim, CA 23-25 September 2005

Chatsworth, CA (PRWEB) September 21, 2005 -- E-Control Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of hardware and software products for the foodservice industry's Online Kitchen and HACCP control, presents newly integrated devices into its RWS™ – Enterprise-wide software solutions for the foodservice industry and the commercial kitchen, including schools, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and hotels.

E-Control Systems will be showing these new solutions at the NAFEM Show in Anaheim, CA 23-25 of September 2005 (Booth #2908 in the Technology Pavilion).

E-Control Systems has helped introduce, in the past years, the NAFEM Data Protocol with major industry partners and has now close to a thousand installations, all NAFEM Data Protocol Compliant. Raptor Web Software™ (RWS™) has become the de facto NAFEM Data protocol compliant software used by major foodservice manufacturers. These devices can be hard wired or wirelessly connected. The wireless solutions provided are Wifi based and a new Meshed Network type will be presented by E-Control Systems at the NAFEM show.

The newly integrated devices and applications make RWS™ the ultimate, Nafem Data Protocol compliant software solution for the commercial kitchen. With one software application from E-Control Systems, foodservice consultants and majors foodservice operators can make sure that any equipment in the kitchen is monitored through the same software platform. The control of other non-cooking kitchen or restaurant related equipment such as cameras, power Meters, PDAs, bar code readers and printers can be monitored as well.

More and more equipment in the modern commercial kitchen will be web based or network controlled. E-Control Systems provides one easy to operate Enterprise-Wide application that handles all of this equipment. E-Control Systems provides OEMs and large Kitchen operations with NAFEM Data Protocol Integration Services, Automated Cooking, HACCP control Integration, and Automated Cooking solutions using their Raptor Web Software™ Enterprise Suite.

Other products developed and presented by E-Control Systems at the NAFEM Show include:

New E-Control Systems Worksite that includes: Preventive Maintenance and Scheduling, Work Order Generation and Management, Project management and Scheduling, Information Sharing, Energy management and Energy Conservation.
Picogate™ – Tiny Ethernet Gateway
Microgate™ – Ethernet Concentrator Gateway
Meshed Network and Wifi Wireless Sensors Integrated into Raptor Web Software™ (RWS™)
Networked Event Driven Camera and DVR integrated into Raptor Web Software™ (RWS™)
Networked Power Meters Integrated into Raptor Web Software™ (RWS™)
Handheld devices (PDA) for data logging of HACCP Control Points and automated inventory management integrated into Raptor Web Software™ (RWS™)
Hazard Notification to remote devices including E-Mail/Blackberry/PDA Reports On Demand
NAFEM Data Protocol Integration Services
Automated Cooking and HACCP control Integration for OEMs
Automated Cooking and HACCP Management Software

About E-Control Systems, Inc.:
E-Control Systems, Inc. is the emerging leader for NAFEM Data Protocol compliant hardware and software for the food service industry. Its enterprise management and information software allows easy integration and automation of any size restaurant or commercial kitchen. Its scalable architecture and SQL compliant database makes this system useful in single location, 10-location, or 10,000-location installations. Its software is used in many commercial equipment for the food service industry including walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-ins, under-counters, grills, fryers, ice machines, washers, and many more. These integrated solutions leverage state-of-the-art technologies and innovative practices to enhance performance, profitability, and competitive advantage.

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