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Denial Is Not A Solution – Take the “Cognitive Overload Test,” Or Ask Your Friends To Take It for You

Scientists have determined that the global phenomenon behind most of our daily woes is a thing called cognitive overload and its abstract nature makes it hard to recognise. Luckily some focused Aussies have developed a simple 1-minute daily tool that “knocks it on the head” (pardon the pun) and causes benefits to flow like sweet mountain spring water, especially when utilised by most of a team.

(PRWEB) September 21, 2005 -- Part of the problem is that for decades almost everyone has been focusing on one of the symptoms, namely stress, rather than the core problem, namely cognitive overload. In fact, the front cover of Time Magazine in June 1983 was headed; “Stress – seeking cures for modern anxieties”. Notably this was before emails, the internet and the demands of the new millennium.

David Kirsch from the Cognitive Science Department at the University of California, San Diego, states: “Cognitive Overload is the overload that arises from multi-tasking, interruption and information overload, and how to manage our desks, files, computers and projects. The increase in cognitive overload seems an inevitable consequence of the complexity of our information intense environments, all this is stressful, consequences are well documented.”

Upon recognizing that cognitive overload was the key factor that suppressed all our good qualities and enhanced our bad ones, Mark Lovekin and Graham Reid, now Directors of Organized 1st Limited, set about to counter it. Their initial discovery was that all our issues in our lives only come at us in only 3 primary forms; Cognitively (discussions, ideas, thoughts, irritations etc), Physically (paperwork, notepads, post-its, anything you can touch) and Electronically (emails, voicemail, sms etc). They dubbed these the 3 intake areas. It followed that by not letting issues build up within these intake areas then cognitive overload would not arise as often. So a large portion of their solution is involved in super efficiently processing these intakes and storing the items appropriately.

The next part of their solution rests with managing the issues that can’t or perhaps shouldn’t be dealt with on the first touch. After all, what makes those 6 new half hour issues any more important than the 40 issues on the go previously? Choices need to be made and we need to be in a position to make these choices. In order to make fluid and effective choices, your outstanding issues need to be kept relative to each other and interactive with available time and your objectives. Mark and Graham determined this was best achieved by utilizing a simple framework within a computerized calendar. Additionally, within the calendar, it made sense that anything prior to the current moment should be actual history and not include future things to do.

When Mark and Graham locked the 5 interdependent components together they realized they had uncovered a remarkably simple and foolproof methodology for keeping cognitive overload at bay. By definition, when your 3 intake areas, Cognitive/Physical/Electronic, are cleared, then all issues have been dealt with or have been captured within the calendar framework. When the 4th component, History within the calendar framework, has been processed with all outstanding issues moved to within the Future, then and only then you are in a position to seriously consider the Future (the 5th and final component) and make effective choices.

It followed that with teams of individuals in such a good and fluid state, then the benefits would be exponential. So Mark and Graham formulated a way to make their solution sustainable across a team and established Organized 1st Limited to take their solution to the world. Their client results speak for themselves. Their website is very intuitive and you can also gain access to a demo of their e-learning solution. It is definitely worth a look and you may want to start by taking the test and perhaps asking your friends and colleagues to join in.

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