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Corporate Sympathy: Most Companies Have Started Katrina Relief Efforts

Old Saybrook, CT (PRWEB) September 14, 2005 -– According to the latest poll of at Business & Legal Reports Inc.’s website for compensation managers, the majority of U.S. companies have already launched relief efforts to aid the victims of hurricane Katrina. According to the poll at, 59% of the firms have started their own relief efforts. Another 23% urge their employees to support other relief projects.

Asked, “Has your company started its own relief program to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina?” visitors to answered as follows:

Yes – 59%
No – 24%
No, but we are urged to support other relief efforts – 17%

Kevin Flood, managing Web editor of said of the results: “We are really pleased at the quick response of companies to aid their fellow citizens. The problems are immense, but with this outpouring of help at least some of the human suffering can be relieved.”

Meanwhile, human resource managers at BLR’s sister site for human resource managers indicate that even the devastation of hurricane Katrina hasn’t provided enough of a kick to prompt them to rethink their companies’ emergency policies. Asked, “Does Katrina have you rethinking your company's emergency policies?” 46% of visitors to said no. Another 24% responded, “Not yet, but perhaps soon”, while 30% said yes, Katrina had prompted them to some action. This poll, conducted Sept. 1-8, drew 448 participants.

“There probably are a number of reasons for the ‘no’ votes,” said Flood. “For instance, we know that most HR managers review their evacuation and emergency-closing plans on a regular basis anyway. In addition, some of the ‘no’ voters undoubtedly live in parts of the country where hurricanes and flooding are remote threats. They may be more concerned with threats that are specific to their part of the country.”

To help company’s prepare for emergencies now, is offering a free download prepared by BLR’s safety editors: “The Employer's Guide to Emergency and Crisis Issues.”

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