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EnviroMop™ Brings Oil Recovery Ratio to 95 %

MOP™ (Maximum Oil Pickup™) from EnviroMop™ LLC can improve the arsenal of anyone dealing with the task of oil spill clean-up. Its 30:1 pick-up ratio and 95 % recovery rate make it very attractive in today’s environment of record-setting oil prices.

(PRWEB) September 13, 2005 -- When there is an oil spill, who gets called to clean it up? OSRO's, Oil Spill Response Organizations, are at the top of the list. They are the professionals who are called in to clean up oils spills (regardless if spills are on land or water, indoors or outside, big or small). OSRO's restore the area from the damage. But what do they do with the oil they have cleaned up?

For OSRO's, the easiest disposal method is dumping or burning. This is usually due to labor costs and the poor recovery ratio from the common materials used to pick up spilled oil. For example: clay, peat, sand, and vermiculite do not offer any recovery ratio of oil, while cellulose and polypropylene offer 75 to 79 percent, respectively.

"Two things may change this practice," said David Levine, president of EnviroMop. "One is that the current record level prices for a barrel of oil will make recovery more economically attractive. Two, is a new unique patented product on the market that brings the oil recovery ratio to 95 %."

MOP™ (Maximum Oil Pickup™) from EnviroMop™ LLC can improve the arsenal of OSRO's, and anyone else dealing with the task of oil spill clean-up, even against the worst oil spills. Some of its unique features are:

. Works on water and land; in all types of weather conditions.
. Is 100 % biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritating, and is safe to plants and animals.
. Cleanly recovers up to 95 % of the absorbed oil using a standard apple press. Higher recovery rates can be achieved using an industrial press.
. Absorbs up to 30 times its own weight in oil in its loose form.
. MOP is available in, bags (loose), pillows, socks, bilge skimmers and booms, as well as pads.
. Offers superior absorbent performance because it is hydrophobic (picks up oil only and no water).

Clean oil can be recovered from the oil-saturated MOP materials simply by squeezing. Users can extract, salvage, and re-use up to 95 %, without contamination by water or debris, by putting it back into the system or fuel-blending. The remaining 5 % MOP material can be burned to recover 100 % of the available energy, while leaving as low as 0.1 % ash. When saturated with oil, MOP can be burned to recover 100 % of the energy of the fuel absorbed leaving as low as 0.1 % ash residue. Or a bio-remediation option allows MOP to be gathered in drums for remediation by the oil-digesting microbes and nutrients provided in each bag of MOP.

EnviroMop fits neatly into the peak oil hypothesis," Levine elaborated. "In other words, there simply isn't very much new oil left to be found in the world. Conservation and re-use will help somewhat to slow the draining of the more than a trillion barrels of proven reserves that are still in the ground."

About: EnviroMop™, LLC was formed in 2004 to promote the revolutionary patented product Maximum Oil Pick-up™ (MOP™) which can clean up hazardous oil and other hydrocarbon material spills easily and safely while both allowing for the recovery of the spilled material and returning a clean environment. Located in central New Jersey, USA, EnviroMop is capable of serving the worldwide needs for this unique product.

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