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Critical Energy Issues Must Be Solved

(PRWEB) September 13, 2005 -- The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is hosting a crucial conference on key energy issues and solutions that will have far-reaching and direct impact for everyone living and working in the Midwest. The conference, scheduled for October 3-4 in Chicago, will bring together the best and the brightest in the field of energy, energy efficiency and sustainability.

“The economic viability and environmental health of Midwestern states is directly related to the policies, pricing and priorities we set as a region,” said Alecia Ward, Executive Director of MEEA. “There has never been a more important time for experts, regulators, scientists, policy makers, business, industry, non-profits and representatives in state and local government to come together to solve some of the more pressing energy issues of our time.”

Featured guest speakers include…
Diane Munns, Chair of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
Kateri Callahan, President of Alliance to Save Energy
Richard Manning, Author of "Against the Grain: How Agriculture Hijacked Civilization"
Senator Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico (invited)
Senator Barack Obama, Illinois (invited)

The agenda includes presentations, workshops, and seminars on a range of important topics. A full slate of issues and solutions will be offered, including…
Welcome by Janet Streff, MEEA Board Chair and Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn
Sustainable Energy Policy Efforts in the Midwest: Regulator Perspective
Natural Gas Policy: How to Mitigate Price Volatility in Times of Supply Constraint
Exploring Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
Program Evaluation: Success Stories in Evaluation and Impact
Appliance Efficiency Standards: Past Programs and Future Features
Energy Efficiency Investments: The Financial and Economic Case
Energy Efficiency and Agriculture: Two Peas in a Pod
Emissions: Working Toward a Carbon Neutral Future
Sustainable Energy Policy Efforts in the Midwest: Utility Perspective
Emission Credits: What’s Your Rating
Demand Response & Energy Efficiency: A Match Made in Heaven
Market Assessments: The Value of Existing Studies to Regional Planning
Energy Efficiencies in State Facilities: Success Stories Abound
The Future of Energy Pricing in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio
Rural Electric and Coop Perspective
Federal Energy Bill: Grade Card for Energy Efficiency

This “Must-Attend” event also features the 2nd Annual Inspired Efficiency Awards and banquet to celebrate major successes in leadership, education, impact, innovation and marketing. These awards recognize innovators for their dedicated work in developing and applying energy efficient technologies, programs and policy initiatives.

Alecia Ward said, “For anyone whose work involves energy, energy efficiency and sustainability this is an important conference. For anyone who cares about the economic impacts of energy to consumers and businesses this is an important conference. Not only will major policy priorities be discussed, but real successes. It is also a wonderful opportunity to network with one’s peers and colleagues to share ideas that can make a difference.”

About MEAA
The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is a collaborative network whose purpose is to advance energy efficiency in the Midwest in order to support sustainable economic development and environmental preservation.

MEEA is a leader in increasing and sustaining the level of energy efficiency in the Midwest region by fostering increased market penetration of existing energy-efficient technologies and promoting new technologies, products and best practices, including renewable energy.

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