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2007: Solving Peak Oil -- Meridian International Research Publishes

Global Oil Production is reaching a plateau and within a few years it will start to decline, while demand from five sixths of the world is still rising. A third of the world's oil now comes from declining oil fields. Measures must be implemented to reduce Global Oil Consumption. The report "2007: Solving Peak Oil" presents the technical and policy solutions required to meet the challenge of Peak Oil.

(PRWEB) September 12, 2005 -- While much has been written recently on the Peak of Global Oil Production, very little has been written to demonstrate how we can overcome these problems and manage declining oil supplies with workable and effective strategies.

This report "2007: Solving Peak Oil" fills that gap. It focuses on the answers to Solving Peak Oil.

"2007: Solving Peak Oil" explains how known, tried and tested and cost effective technologies can be implemented quickly to reduce oil consumption in step with falling oil supply and maintain security of global transport without major disruption to society.

That Peak Oil is real and imminent is now beyond doubt. Action must be taken to reduce Global Oil Dependence. By 2010, Oil Production will have fallen to 82Mb/d from some 85Mb/d at present. By 2020 it will have fallen further to 65Mb/d. Half of global oil consumption is used by the transportation sector and the majority of that by Road Transport.

Fuel consumption by road transport can be cut sufficiently by conversion to existing Electric Vehicle technologies: the Battery EV and the Plug In Hybrid EV. The Plug In Hybrid technology could reduce the fuel consumption of road vehicles by a factor of 5. Battery EVs eliminate petroleum use entirely. Battery technology has now evolved both in performance and cost to the point that at the very least, urban transport could be provided entirely by the Battery EV with no inferiority in cost, performance or operability. These technologies have major environmental benefits as well as being much more energy efficient.

The "2007: Solving Peak Oil" report provides Policy Makers, Investment Banks, NGOs and anyone concerned with assuring our future energy supplies with a Strategic Analysis of the available technological options and the most Effective Strategies to reduce oil consumption in step with falling production between now and 2020.

Instead of meaning global economic disruption, Peak Oil provides an opportunity to create a new global civilization free of dependence on petroleum.

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