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Gas Prices Burning Up Your Bank Account?

Discover EnviroMax Plus A Product That Will Increase Your Mileage By Up To 35% and Reduce Your Emmissions By Up To 80%

Scientist are calling EnviroMax Plus the greatest Automotive Discovery of our time. Developed nine years ago for the clean air act, it is approved by EPA and has a US Patent. Works on gas or diesel engines. Johnny Rutherford, three time Indy 500 winner endorses the new fuel saver.

(PRWEB) September 8, 2005 -- Are you feed up with spending from $50 to $100. a week at the gas pumps? The new EnviroMax Plus fuel catalyst works. Most drivers see increases from 15 to 25 percent with some reporting up to 35% increases in fuel mileage. Just in the last two weeks I have seen gas prices jump one dollar a gallon. Just how much can you take when you have a product that will give you back $3 for every $1 you spend on EnviroMax Plus. But you can only get this product online. Web address is in the Report.

You are the only one that can take action to help your own lifestyle. Wake up and keep up with what is going on around you. Help be part of the Solution not Part of the Problem. Go online and order at no charge this Report "

Did you know that everyday you use your car or truck you are releasing poisons into the air. Just one tractor-trailer truck releases 2,500 lbs of carbon particles into the air each year. These poisons are destroying our environment, and out health. Research on this pollution problem is well established. Pollutants coming from cars and trucks are responsible for lung disease, lung cancer and asthma.

New research has shown that the poisons coming from our cars and trucks are responsible for increases in many types of other forms of Cancers, Heart disease, and even Alzheimer's disease. These diseases are already happening to someone you care about, maybe even someone in your family. The problem is getting worse not better. We are leaving a catastrophic problem for our children and for future generations.

We encourage you to join us in our vital mission. Our own health, our bank accounts, our children's health and our future generation's health and well being depends on it. By joining us in this vital mission, you will save money, and you will do your part to stop the catastrophic poisoning of our planet.

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