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RLM-EC Provides Flocculation Units to GreenFuel Technologies Corporation

Atlanta (PRWEB) September 7, 2005 -- RLM-EC, a national provider of Savastat products for the United States, announced today that it has provided GreenFuel Technologies Corporation, a privately held company providing emissions-to-biofuel conversion services to power plants and industrial facilities, its Savastat SC units for evaluation in conjunction with the GreenFuel emissions-to-biofuels™ system.

GreenFuel Technologies’ systems use common forms of algae in a proprietary process to convert smokestack gases into fuel products. As the gases are passed through GreenFuel bioreactors containing algae and water, the single-cell algae metabolize as much as 86% of the NOx emissions, and 40 % of CO2 emissions. The algae reproduce rapidly, and can be harvested daily, year-round. After the harvested algae biomass is separated from the water in which it was grown, it can be used as a raw material for fuels such as biodiesel, an organic alternative to conventional petroleum diesel fuel.

One step in this process could be to flocculate the algae for filtration. Flocculation is a process whereby small particles join together to form larger particles, which can be more easily filtered using less costly equipment.

RLM-EC’s Savastat SC units (with Hydropath Technology) are able to provide a continuous flocculation effect without the use of chemicals or additives. Being a physical water treatment and completely electronic in nature, the Savastat SC units are maintenance free, and operate using very little power. The type of units provided are typically used in conjunction with filtration applications including swimming pools, spas, ponds, fountains, and cooling tower systems. Because these applications typically involve lower biomass levels than GreenFuel Technologies’ application, testing is being conducted to determine the effectiveness of the units in a high-level biomass application.

RLM-EC has provided GreenFuel with 2 Savastat SC units for initial evaluation. Additional units may be provided as needed for testing purposes.

“Our goal is to demonstrate that our system will offer GreenFuel Technologies Corporation a compelling advantage versus the traditional filtration processes,” stated Ron Moon, Director of Operations for RLM-EC. “This is a non-typical application for this equipment, and we believe that a successful outcome of this evaluation will open up new opportunities for our growing company.”

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