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Pragmaxis LLC Announces Unique Management Consulting Services

Specialized consulting services enable companies to become more nimble, avoid commoditization, and achieve strong competitive positions in their markets.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 2, 2005 -- Pragmaxis LLC announced today that it has developed an integrated set of consulting and implementation services that help client companies become more innovative and establish breakthrough practices that produce enhanced organizational creativity, intelligent risk-taking, and superior business performance. The net result of these improvements is what Pragmaxis calls “Ownable Distinction” – a strong, profitable and highly defensible market position that supports sustainable competitive advantage. The best examples of this concept at work lead to iconic products and services, like Apple's i-Pod, Motorola's RAZR3 and Southwest Airline's air travel experience.

According to Peter Balbus, Managing Director of Pragmaxis, “Virtually every business today faces the relentless threat of commoditization." This is particularly true for businesses that haven’t instilled processes that promote continuous innovation or reward intelligent risk-taking. He added, "It’s surprising how few companies have developed the right business strategies, organizational structures, processes and performance measurements to foster innovation that leads to sustainable growth and profitability.”

Not a fad, not a silver bullet, Ownable Distinction is a pragmatic business concept that is grounded in a company’s intellectual property. It provides a common approach that integrates the product and services mix, branding, marketing, technology, customer experience and other business elements into a compelling and more profitable market position.

Recent articles in BusinessWeek and Business 2.0 describe how leading companies are using advanced innovation concepts to create breakthrough products and services. These concepts can be readily adapted to a wide range of businesses, industries and geographies. Balbus advises, “Successful businesses realize that they cannot afford to stand on the sidelines and wait to see what their competitors are doing before they decide to become more innovative themselves.”

Among the services offered by Pragmaxis is a cost-effective 45-60 day diagnostic for identifying those areas with the greatest opportunities for advancing innovation and assessing the readiness of a company to take advantage of the new business models and technologies available to accelerate their transformations.

About Pragmaxis LLC

Pragmaxis LLC is a management consulting firm that specializes in assisting Fortune 2000 companies to define and operationalize innovation management strategies and initiatives. The firm helps executives understand how their industries are likely to change over the next 24-60 months and what steps they should implement today to achieve and sustain Ownable Distinction in the future. Primary industries served include financial services, consumer products, retail, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, high-tech, electronics and telecommunications.

Peter Balbus, an MIT graduate, has more than 20 years consulting experience working with client executives to make their companies more innovative. Prior to founding Pragmaxis, he held senior practice management and practitioner roles at Booz Allen & Hamilton, CSC Index and KPMG Strategic Services.

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