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WellDog Demonstrates Natural Gas Technology Advantages

Governor Dave Freudenthal tours company's Laramie headquarters and is apprised of WellDog's commercialization progress and pivotal role in responsible coalbed methane development.

Laramie, WY (PRWEB) August 2, 2005 -- WellDog, Inc., an energy technology company, welcomed Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal to its Laramie headquarters in early July.

The visit, which included a tour of WellDog’s sophisticated optical spectrometer production facility, familiarized the Governor with WellDog’s substantial progress in the natural gas marketplace since full commercialization of its services earlier this year. WellDog’s technology and services provide coalbed natural gas developers the information they need to produce natural gas faster and more profitably with less environmental impact.

“The technology WellDog has developed offers great potential for planning efficient and environmentally sound development of our oil and gas resources,” said Freudenthal. “This is exactly the kind of company we appreciate having in Wyoming and I hope they receive broad support.”

Wayne Greenberg, CEO of WellDog, said, “We were honored to have the opportunity to demonstrate to Governor Freudenthal the ways in which WellDog can play a pivotal role in the rapid and responsible development of coalbed natural gas in Wyoming.”

Greenberg and Dr. John Pope, CTO and founder of WellDog, gave a presentation on the future of coalbed methane and how WellDog can help solve challenges faced by developers, including optimal well placement for the fastest development of natural gas through efficient water management.

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