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NETHERCOMM Corporation Announces Broadband-in-Gas Executive Seminar

Nethercomm Corporation, the leading innovator and pioneer of subterranean broadband communications, today announced its Broadband-in-Gas Executive Seminar, September 23rd and 24th, 2005 in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The Broadband-in-Gas Executive Seminar may very well be this summer’s leading industry event featuring a high-level, comprehensive forum designed for industry executives to seize this opportunity to increase their knowledge and gain an enhanced appreciation of Nethercomm's Broadband-in-Gas technologies and the new opportunities they offer.

(PRWEB) July 22, 2005 -- The Broadband-in-Gas Executive Seminar will feature a broad agenda of speakers and presentations in addition to providing various industry business models and partnership opportunities designed to give you a competitive edge in this emerging marketplace. This seminar offers attendees valuable insight into various broadband delivery methods and the primary roles available to both the gas distribution industry as well as the broadband and network equipment industries. Join us in collaborating and forming strategic relationships within these industries.

“Bridging the 'last mile' with Broadband-in-Gas eliminates massive financial barriers which have been the obvious obstacle to the delivery of affordable access to broadband services today," states Ann Nunally, President of Nethercomm Corporation”. She went on to say, "We believe that by incorporating our BiG innovative architecture into the compilation, we’ve situated natural gas pipelines as the new primary pathway for broadband providers to deliver enhanced video, voice and data content with a significant increase in capability and now at the lowest cost to end users.”

With the broadband market value expected to reach $5 billion by 2009 and the endorsement of some of the biggest names in telecommunications, Nethercomm Corporation is positioned to change the broadband landscape as we know it today, advancing traditional broadband services to a compelling level of end-user connectivity of 10+ Gbps. Broadband-in-Gas makes use of the full wireless spectrum without interfering with FCC restrictions of transmission power providing virtually unlimited broadband delivery. Nethercomm’s proprietary broadband delivery system utilizes industry proven, widely available technology, protocols, and signal processing techniques to deliver its unique communications.

Headquartered in Southern California, Nethercomm Corporation, the leading innovator and pioneer of subterranean broadband communications, is developing innovative and proprietary communication technologies for the fast-growing broadband and wireless markets. The company develops, manufactures, markets, licenses, and operates advanced broadband communications systems and products based on its proprietary Broadband-in-Gas technologies.

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