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C-Surveyor AUV Far East Campaign

(PRWEB) July 21, 2005 -- C & C Technologies, an international survey company, recently announced its desire to mobilize one of its C-Surveyor deepwater AUVs to the Far East in the beginning of 2006. C & C is currently discussing projects with several operators in the region to align time schedules and budgets. Thomas Chance, President of C & C Technologies, Inc., commented, “We are uncertain that there is enough work in the Far East to justify the mobilization costs. In order for us to expand our AUV services to this region, we must secure several pending projects.”

C & C is presently finishing up the customization of its next generation AUV, the C-Surveyor II. Once completed, C-Surveyor II will embark on several months of Gulf of Mexico projects. When these GOM projects are completed, a decision will be made regarding mobilization to the Far East. Meanwhile, the C-Surveyor I is currently working in Brazil and will transit to West Africa in July for various pipeline surveys in that region.

As recognized on 78 projects and substantiated by more than 43,000 linear kilometers of commercial mapping to date, C & C Technologies is the undisputed worldwide leader in AUV survey services. C & C’s AUVs collect detailed data including multibeam bathymetry and imagery, chirp side-scan sonar, and chirp sub-bottom profiler data. Sub-sampled data is then acoustically transmitted from the AUV to the support vessel in real-time, thus allowing for on-board engineers to make informed route decisions and perform on-the-fly quality assurance.

C & C Technologies provides a variety of survey services including high accuracy Globally-corrected GPS services, marine construction surveys, digital high-resolution geophysical surveys and geotechnical surveys including full laboratory testing.

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