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Energy Hedge Fund Center Now Tracking Over 400 Energy Hedge Funds

New York; Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 15, 2005 -- The Energy Hedge Fund Center reports that it is now tracking more than 400 energy and environmental hedge funds and more than 360 managers in its directory of energy hedge funds. Fund of Funds interest in the energy and natural resources areas continues to grow with new funds of funds in formation as investors seek exposure to the ‘hot’ energy industry.

“The growth in hedge funds targeting various strategies in the energy and environmental space is not a surprise given the current fundamentals in the energy industry and we expect this growth to continue,” said Dr. Gary M. Vasey, Co-Principal of the Energy Hedge Fund Center. “Given the lack of stellar returns in more ‘traditional’ areas of hedge fund investment, energy is now seen by funds and investors alike as a real opportunity to generate alpha.”

“Through our continued research into the sector as well as advising hedge funds, we are now seeing more investment interest of fund of funds particularly in Europe,” said Peter C. Fusaro, Co-Principal of the Energy Hedge Fund Center.

About the Energy Hedge Fund Center

The Energy Hedge Fund Center (EHFC) is the first free web community specifically created to monitor and understand the activities of hedge funds in the energy industry. In the community users have access to news, articles, polls and other information on energy hedge funds and their activities. Members of the community receive a daily email highlighting site updates. The energy hedge fund directory is also available for subscription at the site. Recently, the EHFC launched a new online newsletter, Energy Hedge, which has received the acclaim of many in the industry. The EHFC was co-founded by Mr. Peter C. Fusaro of Global Change Associates and Dr. Gary M. Vasey of UtiliPoint International, and it is actively moderated by Fusaro and Vasey who also provide consulting services to Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds and Energy Companies.

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