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ACSA Issues the Coveted Sir ISAAC NEWTON™ Award: the NEWTY™

American Computer Science Association announces it is awarding the Interstate Traveler Company, headed by Justin Eric Sutton, its coveted NEWTY™ Award for “Most Valuable New Technology of the 21st Century” -- the first such award conferred in the 21st Century. The award was issued in special recognition of and with the intent of promoting awareness of Interstate Traveler Company’s unique and extraordinary plan for providing a uniquely efficient, fossil fuel independent, totally non-polluting high speed transportation and energy solution. ACSA stated that it believes the “Interstate Traveler” represents the right answer to America’s Energy, Fuel, Telecommunications and Rapid Transportation needs for balance of the 21st Century.

(PRWEB) July 11, 2005 -- ACSA™: the American Computer Science Association has awarded its coveted NEWTY™ (the SIR ISAAC NEWTON™ Award) to Justin Eric Sutton and the Interstate Traveler Company, LLC. The Award was conferred after six years and six months of study of new ideas, inventions and concepts. ACSA’s research advisory committee has stated it believes Interstate Traveler Company offers “The Most Valuable New Technology of the 21st Century”.

Justin Eric Sutton also shared the coveted NEWTY™ for his role in the invention of the overall ideas behind “The Interstate Traveler”. The Traveler is a proposed nationwide network of 250 MPH solar-hydrogen powered medium duty MAGLEV railway with the potential capacity when complete to provide excess hydrogen sufficient to power much if not all of America’s annual energy needs up to the end of the 21st Century.

ACSA’s chairperson Dr. Jack A. Shulman indicated:

“We have looked at the entire range of remarkable ideas that have emerged during the past five years, from Paul Allen, Lord Richard Branson and Bert Rutan’s Space Ship One to Dean Kamen’s Segway to Steve Jobs and Apple’s iPod to Windows XP from Microsoft to the Biometric Smart Card to various hybrid electric autos from Honda, Toyota and others, and to such things as the GM Hy-Wire and Ford and other manufacturers’ own Hydrogen and Electric cars, and even the N-Alkane Silver Thiokole Half-Femtosecond Semiconducting Transcapacitor. We’ve looked at IP-Television, IP-Radio, the Blue Ray DVD and even some new, as of yet unreleased computer technologies, medical advances and breakthroughs in Energy and Cellular. No matter how amazing each of these ideas and products we looked at were, no matter how valuable they are, none of them comes even remotely close to the value of the amazing accomplishments that The Interstate Traveler might achieve. It’s very unusual for us to grant the award to an as of yet not completed project. Nonetheless, to those of us who spent time evaluating the findings about Interstate Traveler after an exhaustive study, this project is the real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in terms of what impact it might have in improving the quality of life on Planet Earth. That was the key to this award.”

“Justin Sutton and the Interstate Traveler Company have created a visionary project that will quite literally change everything we do for the better. It will bring America closer together, and the world closer together. It will reduce the cost of sending packages by UPS, Fedex and the Mail. It will eventually make its way to our very doors and neighborhoods. It will make it possible for every country of the world to easily participate in the world’s economy and for everyone to be able to afford to travel to and from their job of choice, their vacation of choice, their school of choice, their home of choice, and the places we go to do business, shop and just enjoy ourselves. It will change the affordability of the highest quality of life, making it available to everyone. It will reduce the cost of energy to 1/5th or even to 1/10th of what it is today. It will bolster every economy that adopts it by reducing the cost of living, the cost of manufacturing and the cost of doing business dramatically, while widening the availability to do business and live and manufacture throughout any country’s infrastructure while eliminating the pollution from powering it all.”

“Justin’s vision also has taken on the challenge of world demand for Fossil Fuels, by providing an abundance of clean Solar Delivered Hydrogen Energy, an amazing feat that it clearly has the upper hand at, versus traditional energy sources. We could all learn a lesson from Justin Sutton: for his perseverance, for his ability to translate dreams into reality and reality into mission. To be able to travel at 250 MPH is not enough for him. To be able to carry people, freight, and automobiles along 250,000 miles or more of rails is not enough for him. To be able to do so without consuming fossil fuels is not enough for him. To do so while producing enough energy to power this country is not enough for him. To be able to export this science and technology to every nation in the world is not enough for him. To be able to do so and build it and run it safely and soundly and change the face of the world as we know it, while making it economically self supporting and sustainable, that became Justin’s goal. That is why Justin Sutton and the Interstate Traveler Company, LLC have decidedly earned and deserve the first NEWTY™ of the 21st Century. We only award a single NEWTY™ every few years. The Interstate Traveler Company won this one hands down.”

The American Computer Science Association indicated it had evaluated hundreds of new and unique technological advances in communications, travel, medicine, science, law enforcement, and many other fields of endeavor, before it decided on Justin Sutton and the Interstate Traveler Company. The persons evaluating potential candidates for the NEWTY™ spend six months evaluating data gathered over as much as six years, evaluating each prospect before tallying a group consensus and picking a final winner. An exhaustive research study that lasts as long as six years is undertaken by the ACSA before a NEWTY™ recipient-candidate is considered.

Justin Sutton and the Interstate Traveler Company, LLC were not informed of their consideration for receipt of the NEWTY™ prior to the announcement that they had been awarded theirs.

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