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A Little History About the American Petroleum Institute (API)

The American Petroleum Institute was established on March 20, 1919 during World War I. The API started when the Congress and the domestic industries combined efforts to provide support to the war. The offices of this institute are located in Washington, D.C.

The API was created to look for cooperation between the government and the producers; also, this one was established to develop new ideas regarding the American petroleum trade and promote the interests of the petroleum industry in the United States. Besides, this organization wanted to improve mutual relations between the members.

Industry statistics constitute an important work for API; in fact, in 1920, API started collecting weekly statistics related to the oil crude production. Then, this information was analyzed and shared with the federal government and the press. This information included crude oil product stocks, refinery press and other important data. It is said that the statistics of the API remain one of the most credible sources of industry data and that they are used worldwide.

The standardization of oil equipment used to be one of the most important activities carried out by API. During the first war there were many processes reported failed, there was no standardization of pipes sizes, threads. Thus, this organization developed the first standards for this kind of equipment. These ones were published in 1924. Today, the American Petroleum Institute has more than 500 standards indicators, and it also has recommended practices and policies to cover the entire industry segment.

Taxation is another vital area of the American Petroleum Institute. At the beginning, the work of the institute was focused on developing easy and efficient ways to manage the tax oil assets. However, in 1930 the vision changed. The effort of the API was extended to work with local governments. Federal and local governments worked together in order to tax the different highways fuels; and also, to support laws that were oriented to tax evasion.

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