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The Future of Light Crude Oil

Even if the future for oil supplies is not so promissory, we must understand that the changes that our world faces in relation with the energy reality must be confronted. There is a misperception around oil that has to be explained. Many people believe the repeated predicts that we are “running out of oil”. However, from a pragmatic point of view, the only thing for sure is that we will continue using light crude oil in the future, but with the difference that, we are going to innovate with new types of energy capable of reducing our dependency to the also known as black gold.

It will be important that we use all the existing or potential new sources of energy for the wellbeing and health of the United States economy. This will allow the country to be more competitive and improve the quality of life for Americans. In addition, it will open new opportunities for investments in the financial markets and reduce the financial risk. The majority of experts in this field agree with the fact that this transition will need impressive advances in technology and considerable capital investments in order to be accomplished. However, the capacity that the country had in the past in surpassing other obstacles demonstrates that is possible to overcome this new challenge.

Therefore, although the US Energy Information Administration confirms that we will have enough oil supplies for 2044, the country will be able to improve and save its use of oil thanks to the technologies and the new energy alternatives that we are going to find in the course of the next years.

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