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The Amex Natural Gas Index - XNG

The Amex Natural Gas Index, which is represented with the acronym XNG, is a basket of natural gas stocks. It is intended to determine the performance of huge companies that rely on a really important capital developed in the gas and oil industry. These enterprises are especially related to the areas of, not only natural gas pipeline transmission and transportation, but also gas exploration and production. The XNG Index was constituted thirteen years ago; specifically, on October 15, 1993. For this matter, a 300.00 benchmark was considered. On March 23, 1999, this index was split 2-for-1.

The XNG Index is constantly rebalanced. This is done each quarter, according to the prices every single third Friday in the months of January, April, July and October. This is carried out with the purpose of guaranteeing that all the components stocks maintain, about the same weight in the index. However, it is important to clarify that not all of them rely on the very same weighting.

In addition, it is an index that is equal-dollar weighted. To do this, the amount of shares of the component stock standing for $10,000 in market value, as an approximate, were nominated taking the closing prices of the date when the index was created. This is, in other words, that if a stock closed at $20 per share, in the index, it is going to be represented by 500 shares for a $10,000 value of the total market. Some of the components of the XNG Index are: EOG Resources Inc., Kinder Morgan Inc., Natl Fuel Gas Co., Pogo Producing Co., Apache CP, Burlington Resources, El Paso Corporation and XTO Energy Inc.

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