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Importance of Technology for Oil Crude

One interesting fact about black gold is that for over a century has provided power to American consumers. Diesel fuel, gasoline and other oil products have been the alternative for consumers’ worldwide thanks to the enormous capacity that hydrocarbons have. As a result of the advances in technology in the last few years, the US economy has become more and more efficient in energy. This has produced, as well, that hydrocarbon fuels have endured for a longer time and that the environmental impact of their use has diminished. The common sulfur content in gasoline has been diminished by over 90 percent to below 30 parts per million.

Another important thing is that thanks to the new technologies, the process of turning heavy crude oil into light crude oil or sweet is very common, and it has given many benefits to the economic and environmental levels. For example, now, it takes 33 automobiles running on low sulfur gasoline to equal the contamination emissions of just a single 1970 automobile. This is a good example of the benefits of improving refining technology and their impact on the market. Other improved fuel automobile systems that are going to be used in the future and will probably be successful are hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells and others.

Therefore, you will find that technology and efficiency join hands to increase and improve the quality of light oil crude for consumers. In addition, the US Energy Information Administration envisages that over 5 million barrels per day of extra refinery capacity will be required by 2025 to reach growing consumer demand.

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