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Natural Gas Production

The production process of natural gas is simple, and it seems to petroleum’s process. First, the natural gas is extracted by land holes perforations that can be also done on the sea. Later, it is transported by gas pipelines or by barges to the plant. There, the natural gas is polished and transformed. After this process, this one is conducted to a gas net or storage zones.

The exploration is the most important stage of the process. Many years ago, the holes were perforated by intuition process; however, due to the high cost of extraction, companies did not put in risk their investments. Most of these companies carry out important geology studies to identify the layers of gas. Geologists play an essential role in this process; they have to analyze the land composition. These kinds of studies are very important for the process.

The extraction is the second stage of the chain. The natural gas is extracted by digging a hole on the rock. This perforation can be carrying out on the sea too. The type of the needed equipment depends on the gas location, and the nature of the rock.

Today, perforation by cable is one of the most useful processes. It is used for no deep formations. This system consists of perforating the rock using a heavy bit; nevertheless, for deepest formations, it is common to use a rotary perforation system. Once the natural gas is found, it must be extracted efficiently. Experts have to carry out many proofs during this process.

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