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The Quality of Crude Oil

One of the organizations in charge of measuring the quality of crude oil and the quantity of sulfur and wax that it encloses in the United States is the American Petroleum Institute (API). Usually, light crude oil is more attractive and demands a higher price because it produces more high value products such as jet fuel and gasoline. For this reason, it is very important to identify where the most important resources are and how the country can take full advantage of a source of energy that warms our homes, powers our businesses and provides us the mobility to get pleasure from this great land.

For example, this research institute will help you in order to obtain the best economic, scientific and legal analysis to support or guide your investment decisions in this field. At the moment, the total that the United States requires for crude oil has grown to more than 20 million barrels per day, though domestic production has fallen from an elevated of 13 million barrels per day to approximately 8 million barrels per day. As a result, the country must import 12 million barrels of overseas crude oil each day as a minimum. So, if you want accurate and clear information about the oil industry and its derivates with statistics, the API can be a great source of financial advice.

Another aspect that you should be aware of when you are thinking about investments is about governmental impositions. All over the world, you will find that new standards on fuel quality and automobile emissions are taking place. Obviously, these kinds of new legislations on sulfur content or related with the environment have an effect on the prices that are directly linked to the markets.

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