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Natural Gas and Its Application to the Industry

Natural gas has a large number of business applications such as providing the base ingredients for many diverse products: plastic, anti freeze, fertilizer and fabrics. Actually, the industry is the major user of natural gas in the US; this sector represents 43% of natural gas consume. As you already know, natural gas is the second source of energy most utilized (electric energy is the first source).

The main use of natural gas in the industry is lighting, but it is also used in the pulp and paper, petroleum refineries, clay and gas, plastic, metals, chemicals, stone and food processing industries. These types of industries consume over 84% of all the industrial natural gas.

The applications of natural gas in this sector are very similar to the uses given in the residential and commercial segments (cooling, cooking and mainly heating). It is used for waste management and burning, drying and dehumidification, food processing, fueling and industrial boiler, metals preheating and glass melting too. Moreover, it can be used for the production of a large number of chemical products. Other gases such like propane, methane and butane can be extracted form natural gas to be utilized as feedstock in products like fertilizers and pharmaceutical products.

Another use of natural gas in the industry is absorption to heat and cool water faster, more economic and free of sound pollution. These absorptions methods are very similar to those used in commercial locales. Remember that natural gas is much cheaper than electricity what help the industry reduce their costs.

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