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Oil Exploration and the Geological Method

As you know, the oil exploration procedure is a really comprehensive process. The main purpose for oil explorers is to find oil deposits. For this matter, there is not an exact scientific method that may help. In contrast, it is imperative that the people do some research first. Depending on the kind of terrain, the utilized methods are going to be classified as geological or geophysical.

When operating a geologic method, the main objective is to find a rock formed in an oil-friendly environment. This is, in other words, that the rock must be sufficiently porous and have the proper geologic stratum structure in order for oil to exist. Then, it is necessary to look for a sedimentary basin comprising organic matter formed over 10 million years ago. In order to carry all these processes out, geological research is done, samples are taken and x rays are used in order to inspect the area. Besides, they drill with the purpose of analyzing the strata, and lastly, they elaborate a special report of the corresponding area including geological studies, terrain samples analysis, x rays studies and important data of the strata obtained as a result of drilling.

After doing new research determining the presence of oil-bearing rocks reachable by oil prospecting and how deep they must drill the area, among other features, it is possible to decide whether to make an exploration well or not. In fact, oil is found just in one out of 10 exploration wells. In addition, only two out of 100 of these kinds of wells have all the necessary qualities to be exploited in a profitable way.

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