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Natural Gas for Residential Uses

Natural gas is used for several things. Among others, it has been given many residential uses. It is one of the cheapest sources of energy available for home users. Actually, natural gas has been used as a much cheaper source of energy than electricity. The Department of Electricity (DOE) calculates that in the year 2000, it was the cheapest usual form of energy on hand to the consumers. Another estimation of the DOE shows that natural gas charge is a 30% cheaper than the cost of the electrical energy per Btu (British thermal unit).

This gas has several residential uses. One of the most common is home heating and cooking. Those are the most usual uses of natural gas in residences; however, another important use attributed to this fuel is water heating. In fact, according to one stat of the American Gas Association (AGA), you can heat two complete bathtubs of water for the equivalent cost as it would take an electrical water heater to warmth only one bathtub filled of water.

Just for you to know, another statistic of the AGA asserts that at least 51 percent of American houses (or 49.1 millions of homes) utilize natural gas to heat their homes. In addition, almost all new houses, constructed every day, are being adapted to be heated with natural gas. This fact has been demonstrated by stats that show that 70% of the houses built in the year 2003 are equipped to use natural gas. As you can see, natural gas is a good option because it is cheaper and safer than electricity.

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