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ARC Energy NL: Environment Protection and Growth

ARC Energy is one of the largest Australian energy companies that own and operate gas and oil interests in the Perth Basin and internationally. The company is established on the Australian Stock Exchange with a marketplace capitalization of almost $400 million, the company posses a forceful offshore and onshore development drilling and exploration plan, which will continue growing up due to the implementation of new commercial plans and new technologies.

ARC produces and then sells the gas to clients in Perth via the Parmelia pipeline and has a substantial oil production that is transported to the Kwinana refinery plant in Perth. There are several advantages that make this company one of the best, some of those advantages are: a better location in the most potential part of the Perth Basin, they also have established a solid earnings base from diversified gas and oil manufacturing, the best infrastructure of the area, excellent term exploration prospective and others.

The main goal of this corporation is to become the best and bigger Australian gas and oil company, for this, the company has established several philosophies to get their goal, some of those are: producing cash flow as quick as possible through new discoveries, keeping the values of discipline and perseverance, ensuring themselves that they comply with all the requirements necessary to not affect the environment and others.

One of the main commitments of ARC is the protection of the environment and due to it, they maintain a Corporate Health Safety and Environmental System, which identifies, manages and assesses the operational risk.

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