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Chesapeake Energy Corporation: Growing Every Single Day

Aubrey McClendon and Tom Ward, who were partners since 1983, were the founders of the Chesapeake Energy Corporation. The initial and main objective of the enterprise was to produce gas and oil prospects in order to sell them to other partners circumscribed to the same field and to work as non-operators in the industry of well drilling. Six years later, they decided to make an opening investment of $50,000. All through the great period of time from 1994 to 1997, their stock price experienced an amazing rise from $0.47 to $34.44 per share. In 1994, they moved to NYSE. Today, Chesapeake Energy Corporation is considered the second biggest independent natural gas manufacturer in the United States. In addition, they own interests in almost 30,000 producing gas and oil wells.

The focuses of Chesapeake encompass the acquirement, development and discovery of onshore reserves of natural gas in the Appalachian Basin (eastern U.S.) and in the southwestern regions of the country. Their natural gas reserves are situated in the Mid-Continent area, involving Arkansas, Texas Panhandle, Kansas and Oklahoma. Besides, their headquarters are located in Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, and their common stocks are placed under the symbol CHK, on the New York Stock Exchange.

In general, they rely on six main features that, among other gas producers, make them be distinguishable with regards to their performance and differentiated due to their future expectations and growth potential. These characteristics are high-quality asset base, successful acquisition program, hedging program, low-cost producer, large inventory of drilling projects and, finally, entrepreneurial management. Furthermore, they offer the DRIP, which stands for the Dividend Reinvestment Program. Some of the benefits include the fact that dividends are credited to your account on fractional and whole shares, that you receive an account statement every single time something happens with your account and that it is a great way to increase your Chesapeake common stock ownership, among many others.

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