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Apache Corporation: 50 Years of Growth

Apache Oil Corporation was founded and established by Truman Anderson, Raymond Plank and Charles Arnao, on December 6th, 1954 in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Apache is one of the largest companies of gas and oil exploration in the US, Australia, Argentina, China, Canada, Egypt and the United Kingdom North Sea. The company has grown up really fast from over 50 years ago when the company started in the activities of drilling and exploration as well as tactical acquisitions.

The company’s selection approach was focused to offer variety in terms of hydrocarbon products (gas or oil), geographic location and geological risks. In every single manufacturing area the company has established teams, which have all the necessary technical knowledge, sense of importance and drive to compress more value to the resources of the corporation.

Today, more than half of the total production of Apache comes from the operation plants that are outside of the US. A part of the funds that Apache gets are invested in projects with intermediary payoffs and also in prospects with better long term prospective to insert value even if the recompense is postponed.

This company promotes the exploration and production through the use of the latest technology; this to augment the assets of the corporation, evaluate and recommend new technologies that are adequate for the operations and also to provide technological support to the personnel of Apache as well as continuous training.

The company is currently focused in several areas to maximize their operations using the best technology; some of those areas are: drilling information management procedures, application and training for different systems of well test analysis and many others.

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