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Baraka Petroleum: Experience Equals Quality

Baraka Petroleum Limited is a company located in West Africa. This company was established with the solely purpose of acquiring, consolidating and developing all sort of oil and gas assets and activities. Actually, Baraka has called the attention of numerous international petroleum production and exploration companies because it possesses one of the largest oil and gas assets in West Africa. Baraka secured all the rights to explore and develop eight tenement areas over 275,000 km in Mali, Morocco and Mauritania.

Baraka’s corporate strategy is to preserve capital at the same time they maximize exploration expenditure over the tenements. Baraka Petroleum Limited entered a Share and Purchase Agreement on February 28, 2005. This agreement was provided because of all the issued shares that the company acquired in Baraka Mauritanian Ventures Limited (“BMV”), Baraka Mali operations Limited(“BMO”) and Brimax Petroleum International Limited (“BPI”).

Baraka Mauritanian Ventures Limited together with Brimax Petroleum International Limited was initially formed to acquire and explore possible gas and oil acreage in the area of Mauritania. Simultaneously, Baraka incorporated and its third subsidiary, Baraka mali Operations Limited were able to enter into numerous Farm-in agreements from the first five tenements in the Taoudeni Basin that was issued by the Malian Government.

Around this time, the company was incorporated in Western Australia Stock Exchange with 85,000,000 shares and offered an initial market capitalization of AUS$17,000,000. The excellent quality of the labors of Baraka Petroleum Limited is shown in the demanding process of selection. Max de Vietri, CEO and Managing Director of Baraka, has spent more than ten years on the process. Moreover, the company’s main goal is to strive for excellence in their work; therefore, lots of preliminary work on a range of exploration properties in West Africa has been acquired and undertaken.

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