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IHS Energy: A Leading Worldwide Supplier of Support Decision Tools

IHS Energy is the most important worldwide supplier of decision-support tools, “Critical Technical Information” and associated services for the energy business. Their worldwide experts located tactically around the world expand and carry critical gas and oil industry information on development, production, transportation and exploration actions to major worldwide energy manufactures and independent and national oil industries. Besides, it supplies strategic prepared, advisory and research services to these clients and to the transportation and utilities, coal, power and petrochemical industries.

IHS Energy provides services such as: Strategic Advisory Services, Decision-Support Tools, Research and Critical Information. IHS Energy and its predecessor industries have supplied well critical decision information to energy corporations. The company accompanies this data with political, fiscal, regulatory and economic analysis, plus operational, research, advisory and strategic services. Through incorporating essential data and analytical and sensitive software services worldwide, IHS assists clients in analyzing their company so they can minimize their operating expenses, enhance productivity and efficiently evaluate asset options.

The critical information that IHS Energy provides includes: legal, infrastructure, industry activity, reports, leasehold, production data, comprehensive global exploration, map, related news, development, fiscal, and reservoir information. It also collects data for energy producers, government agencies and related industries resources. Then, it processes it by meticulously testing it in opposition to numerous sources, checking subsurface and surface attributes, and creating common industries codes.

IHS Energy provides clients admission to its skilled staff in engineering, economics, fiscal, regulatory matters and subsurface analysis and advantage optimization throughout some assistances, including: venture assessment services, gas and oil asset optimization and management services and regulatory compliance services. Some technical data solutions provided by IHS Energy are: Cambridge Energy Research Associates consulting services, Intermat Parts Optimization Solutions, Strategic sourcing solutions, API Select and API Volume correction factors, exploration data, Intermat solutions for maintenance repair organizations, IHS Specs & Standards, transportation and refining and worldwide reports on production, economics, and operations.

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