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Setting the Bar for Offshore Coating Systems

High performance coating solutions for the toughest corrosive environments around the globe. When choosing a coating system for corrosive environments, think “high solids.”

(PRWEB) November 15, 2005 -- Equipment and structures designed for coastal and offshore regions need to be treated in such a way as to ensure they perform safely and effectively for a long time. These regions are highly corrosive; therefore the corrosion resistance of the coating material is just as important as the mechanical stability of the machinery. Harsh conditions such as continuous wet & dry salt spray, severe exposure to ultra violet rays, constant movement of substrate, abrasions from pipe, drilling, casing, and chemical spills can weaken structure and affect individual equipment components.

Solids content and viscosity are major factors in production. Depending on how thin or thick the emulsion is and on the percentage of solids, it will take more or fewer coats to meet specific mill specs. In short, coatings with a higher solids content require fewer coats to obtain the required DFT.

Coastline Industrial Coatings is emphasizing the importance of high solids coatings for these types of environments by introducing a new “High Solids 2 & 3-coat Offshore System” designed especially to withstand these harsh conditions.

IP-86 is a single package inorganic zinc primer made with exempt solvents. No mixing required. Solids Content: VOL. 84.4%
VOC: 1.66
Dry Time @ 55% RH & 80º F:
Touch – 45 MIN.
Recoat – 8 HOURS (minimum)

IP-66 is a high solids epoxy primer formulated with titanium dioxide, and exempt solvents.
Solids Content: VOL. 63%
VOC: 1.00
Dry Time @ 55% RH & 77º F:
Touch – 50 MIN.
Recoat – 4 HOURS

IF-168 is Polyurethane Enamel with a Durable high-gloss finish and outstanding corrosion resistance.
Solids Content: VOL. 52%
VOC: 3.06
Dry Time @ 55% RH & 77º F:
Touch – 30 MIN.
Handle – 1 HOUR

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