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The Greatest Automotive Discovery of Our Time

Amazing product is saving consumers up to 50 cents per gallon on gas.

(PRWEB) October 30, 2005 -- Extreme Research Corp. recently announced the newest technology in the automotive world -- Enviro-Max Plus.

Enviro-Max Plus is a highly concentrated fuel catalyst. It turns unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel into "super fuel" allowing the fuel to burn at a cooler and more efficient temperature. Therefore resulting in increased engine horse power and better gas mileage.

EMP is not to be confused as an additive. It is the world's only fuel catalyst backed by U.S. Patent #5,266,082 and was developed and used by race car driver Johnny Rutherford.

One concentrated bottle lasts up to 8 tank-fills on a 20 gallon gas tank. Simply add 1 oz per 10 gallons of gasoline in your tank. It works in all gas Engines and diesel Engines; Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, RV’s, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Generators, etc.

It's a truly unique product that offers tremendous savings on gasoline and diesel and is marketed through a growing network of independent distributors currently seeking indepedent distributors nationwide.

Documented results of Enviro-Max Plus Fuel Catalyst:

1. Increased fuel mileage up to 35 percent on both gas and diesel engines, which can save up to 50 cents per gallon, or $10 per fill up with a 20 gallon tank.

2. Provides up to 80% reduction in emissions of exhaust pollutants, protecting our air and our environment. Imagine the possibility of smog free, clear skies for future generations.

3. Saves on engine repairs and/or tune-ups by reducing engine wear and tear.

4. Increases horsepower and performance in all gas or diesel engines.

5. Will not harm engines or void any warranties.

6. Backed by a money back guarantee and warranty. See Below.

The cost is approximately $22.00 per bottle.

Put in 20 gallons of fuel at the national average of $2.50 per gallon. It will cost you $50.00

Add 2 ounces of EMP at approx. $1.38 per ounce or $2.75 total.

If the catalyst increases your gas mileage 20%, you save $10 in fuel.

Subtract the cost of the catalyst ($2.75) from $10.00 and your total savings is $7.25 on that one tank of gas.

If your vehicle only got as low as 10% increase in fuel economy- you still save $3.63. That's more than a gallon of gas cost.

How much is a gallon of gas in your neighborhood?

Troy Johnson, an independent distributor with Extreme Research says, "Our mission is to develop a crusade against ridiculously high fuel prices and to help slow down global warming by reducing toxic emissions polluting our environment."

"To do this. we are launching a national campaign, seeking distributors and customers from all 50 states who want to fight back.

I really believe the oil companies are price gouging us to deepen their pockets and I'm sick and tired of paying high gas prices."

"I also believe we are in a bad situation environmentally. The earth we walk on and air we breath is eroding right in front our eyes.

"Enviro-Max Plus allows me to at least do something about it and with a great number of people crusading for the same purpose using the same product, we all can make a difference."

If you're interested in starting a home based business and joining the crusade against high

If you are interested in purchasing Enviro-Max Plus to save money at the gas pump and save our environment by reducing emissions up to 80 percent, visit

You have a No Risk, 60 Day Money Back
Guarantee on the purchase of the product or distributor membership.

EnviroMax Plus Warranty:
If EnviroMax Plus fails to work as claimed after being used in a vehicle for 400 or more miles; you can return any unused portion for a 90 percent refund within 90 days of purchase. Nine plus years of testing and use has proven that EnviroMax Plus will not harm any internal combustion engine; in fact all testing has proved EnviroMax Plus will extend engine life. EnviroMax Plus International, Inc. guarantees the use of EnviroMax Plus to be safe for use in any internal combustion engine. If EnviroMax Plus can be shown in any type of test to have damaged any internal combustion engine, EnviroMax Plus International will replace the damaged parts of the engine free of charge.

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