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Digital Control Systems Delivers Lowest Cost Yet with Model 307 CO2 Monitor

(PRWEB) September 6, 2005 -- The AirSense™ Model 307 CO2 Monitor breaks the $200 barrier with a retail price of $195. Digital Control Systems Inc continues to round out the AirSense line of CO2 Monitors with the new model 307 being the price leader. “We are excited about the reception the Model 307 has received in the marketplace,” says Mike Mueller, founder of Digital Control Systems, Inc.

Aside from the new price point the Model 307 also has new features such as a single touch calibration procedure. The Model 307 has many of the same features as other AirSense™ CO2 Meters including a metal-chromated CO2 sensor housing. Like other AirSense™ products, the M307 CO2 Monitor also delivers data monitoring via a 0-10 volt output with optional 4-20 mA output available on request.

Demand-Controlled Ventilation (DCV) systems using carbon dioxide sensing have become increasingly more affordable. This is due in large part to widespread adoption of CO2-based DCV systems. While individual components of CO2 monitors have remained stable in price, the economy of scale has allowed CO2 monitor manufacturers such as Digital Control Systems, Inc. to pass cost savings on to end users.

The application of CO2 Monitors has also become more efficient as more systems have been installed. Digital Control Systems, Inc designed the M307 to maximize efficiency during installation and calibration resulting in lower labor costs. Also, the AirSense™ M307 was designed so that no damage is done if the unit is accidentally wired backward, it simply won’t turn on, alerting the technician to reevaluate the wiring.

Digital Control Systems, Inc offers a complete line of CO2 Monitors and CO2 Sensors that are used in HVAC, Clinical, and Laboratory applications.

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