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Something About the Oil Drilling Process

Oil is a fossil found in large underground deposits. Many years ago, oil did not have any real economic value; however, in the middle of the nineteenth century the drilling was used as a process to obtain oil. Today, oil continues being obtained by drilling. Oil was used by Chinese people far back as the fourth century B.C. It was principally used to light, as a lubricant, for building, and caulking ships. In the United States the oil drilling process started by the 1850s when Edwin L. Drake and his team drilled the first modern oil hole. Since then, the America’s oil industry was launched. The oil industry has changed a lot; thanks to the advances of technology, today this business is considered one of the most profitable activities in many countries around the world. With the invention of the internal-combustion engine, this economical activity became international and the drilling oil process emerged as a financially rewarding business. Edwin Drake, pioneer in oil drilling, used a method called cable-tool or percussion drilling. It consists of punching the land with a heavy cutting machine called a bit. This one is attached to a cable and pulley system. Also, this cable is hanged from the top of a four-legged structure known as derrick. Nevertheless, this method is still used to drill not deep wells through heavy rocks. In our days, wells are perforated by special rotary drilling equipment. It works like the drill of a carpenter.

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