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Revolutionary New Heads Up Displays Enter the Work Place

Heads Up Pioneers Release New Products For Commercial and Industrial Applications. SportVuePRO™ displays mount on hardhats or baseball caps and give the user a constant real-time view of information - everything from GPS guidance systems to text and instant messaging.

(PRWEB) October 20, 2005 -- The creators of the world’s first consumer Heads Up displays are releasing a new product which could change the face of the modern workplace. SportVuePRO™ Heads Up displays are now available for commercial and industrial applications.

The patented, wireless SportVuePRO™ display system mounts onto hardhats, soft hats or helmets and gives the user a constant real-time view of critical information. The powerful software allows for both serial and USB interfaces and is programmable for universal applications. The data appears in a personal display in the wearer’s periphery, focused at task length. This breakthrough technology frees the worker from distracting glances down at wrist-mounted or hand-held meters and displays. It transmits critical data in low light and bright light, and is perfect for noisy environments. It is also lightweight, compact, and very affordable.

SportVuePRO™‘s workplace applications are vast and varied, and include guidance systems for construction and agriculture, emergency response and situational awareness systems for law enforcement, military and first responders, measurement systems in testing, monitoring devices in manufacturing and processing and even general communication systems such as instant messaging and pager networks.

Multiple requests for Heads Up displays in various applications have led to the development of a new product, the SportVuePRO™ DK1, a developer’s kit that can be tailored and easily integrated to a specific application. The DK1 is available via a cost-effective license agreement with Motion Research.

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